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Mealsharing Review

Compensation :  $8-$25/guest 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is MealSharing?

Inspired by his first meal shared with friends in Cambodia, Savsani founded Meal Sharing in 2012. Now his meal sharing economy company is based in Chicago, Illinois. It has quickly spread to over 450+ cities worldwide, such as New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo, and Chicago. Thousands of home cooks earn money on the side through MealSharing. This company has a bright future, and its global community is continuously growing. Are you ready to become a Meal Sharing host?

How does MealSharing work?

Are you craving a home-cooked meal? No matter where you are in the world, MealSharing can help you find a tasty meal created by a friendly cook in their home kitchen. Pretty cool, right?

MealSharing, or Meal Sharing, connects home cooks with hungry people. By playing matchmaker for hosts and guests, Meal Sharing brings people together to build communities, share resources, promote healthier lifestyles, and to increase cultural understanding. And guess what? This shared economy company is thriving.

What are the requirements to work for MealSharing?

  • a food handler’s license;
  • a clean kitchen;
  • a dining area that can comfortably accommodate guests;
  • be willing to submit to personal or virtual inspections

How do you earn money on MealSharing?

The hosts, who are not professional chefs, seem like gregarious types skilled at putting together a tasty meal that varies from simple to somewhat complicated. You can opt to share a Spanish omelet with Guillermo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Chinese dumplings in Chicago; or chicken with Ankit in Berlin.

How much money can you make on MealSharing?

Hosts can count anywhere from $8-$25+ per guest per meal. The amount that a host can make depends on the number of meals they serve, the price per guest, and the number of guests they receive.

Pros of working for MealSharing

  • If you are an aspiring chef, love food, and love to entertain guests, then this could be a dynamite side hustle for you.
  • Becoming a host is super-easy on this site. You simply post a meal, people RSVP, and you make extra money as you fill up your table.
  • If you are an outstanding cook, then your reputation will begin to spread as you put on events and invite guests into your home.
  • A great way of meeting people: good foods always bring people together, and this business provides the perfect opportunity.
  • It is a winning concept: You meet new people, improve your culinary skills, and make money.

Cons of working for MealSharing

  • You will also need access to enough equipment to make whatever you plan on making. Bowls, cutlery, dishes, strainers, pots, pans, utensils, etc.
  • Plus, you will need heavy equipment. You will need an oven, a stovetop, a mixer, a freezer, a refrigerator, a fryer, a steamer, a crock-pot, etc.
  • The recipe for success requires hours of preparation, reserves of energy, and the ability to take on the role of both chef and maitre d’.

How do I sign up to work for MealSharing?

Head to MealSharing and tap “Become a Host” on the top right corner.

What is the website for MealSharing?

MealSharing app

No available app


If you are already an experienced, accomplished chef, then this side hustle would actually be an excellent opportunity for you. This could also be an awesome way to get some experience and earn a bit of money on the side if you’re interested in becoming a chef but are still trying to get your foot in the door.

Obviously, if you aren’t really that into cooking, this is probably not the type of side hustle that would benefit you. If you’re not absolutely crazy about cooking and preparing an excellent meal for an extra bit of cash, then this is probably not the direction you would want to go in.

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