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Mercari Review

Compensation : -
Category : Marketplace
Skills Needed : Buy and Sell Branded Items 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Mercari?

Mercari started operating in Japan in 2013. Its primary focus is to move used and new merchandise quickly and efficiently through a photo-centric sales market.

Mercari launched with the label of being a “flea market app” and aimed to allow users to sell the items they wanted. Just like Poshmark, Mercari enables you to buy and sell directly from a phone, making it very convenient for users.

How does Mercari work?

Selling on Mercari couldn’t be easier. Just upload 1-4 photos of your items, write a title, a short description, fill in some categories, select a price and bam, the hard work is done.

You are expected to include shipping charges in your price; buyers won’t be paying you anything extra to cover shipping charges.

Once your item is sold, you will receive a notification from Mercari. Then you have 3 days to send your item. Once the buyer has received your item, they will inform Mercari that it has arrived safely and Mercari will deliver their funds to you. These funds will automatically go to your balance, and you can withdraw them at any time through BACS; there is no minimum withdrawal amount. Payments are processed twice a week.

What are the requirements to sell on Mercari?

Items to sell

How do you earn money on Mercari?

Mercari is an app that you can use to sell things. Take photos of the items you want to sell, create a list, and then people can shop at Mercari and buy the things you have listed. Mercari is a great place to sell all kinds of stuff.

How much money can you make on Mercari?

Set by you

Pros of selling on Mercari

  • Mercari is one of the most accessible platforms to list. It’s effortless and fast.
  • It is a flat rate of 10% on all sales that is excellent compared to other platforms that are higher or fluctuating. You know if you sell something for $20, they’ll take $2. Easy.
  • There are several shipping options at Mercari, but if you are a newbie to shipping, it is relatively easy to work with.
  • You can send messages directly to sellers to ask questions or negotiate the price privately.

Cons of selling on Mercari

  • Most people shopping on Mercari are looking for a great deal. We have heard many people say that they find it difficult to sell items over $15.
  • You are not paid until the buyer receives the item and leaves a rating. Or if they don’t leave a rating within 3 days, their funds will be released.
  • Mercari lacks refinement. When you search for items, it displays items available and sold by default.

How do I sign up to sell on Mercari?

To get started, you’ll need to download the app or register online at

Mercari makes it easy for you to obtain an account and use a previous Google or Facebook account if you don’t want to waste time registering completely new.

What is the website for Mercari?

Does Mercari have an app?

The Mercarimobile app is only available for both iOS and Android.


Mercari offers greater flexibility. Your stuff doesn’t need to be limited to designer clothes that are in excellent condition. You can sell pretty much anything, but you’re limited to US buyers, and you will have to be honest about the state of the item.

The commission rate is reasonable, and the items are easy to list. However, some of the shipping fees may seem expensive, especially if you want to offer free shipping and need to swallow the expense.

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Last updated : 2/3/2023

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