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Misterb&b Review

Compensation :  $600/month 
Gig Type : On-site gigs Work from home gigs

What is Misterb&b?

Misterb&b is the first short-term rental platform entirely dedicated to the LGBTQ community, offering private or shared rooms, full apartments, and over 100,000 gay-friendly hotel rooms.

After becoming the world’s leading gay hospitality service since its founding in 2013, the website lists exclusively gay-friendly hosts, with more than 300,000, spread across more than 100 countries. Although Airbnb is expanding its business model also to include hotels, misterb&b has always included gay-owned (or gay-friendly) hotels in its listings, along with LGBTQ-friendly city guides and a blog highlighting travel news gay.

How does Misterb&b work?

Mister B&B is a website that exclusively lists gay-friendly accommodations worldwide. The site and app work a bit like Airbnb, as people can list rooms or apartments for rent. Hosts determine nightly rates. Unlike Airbnb, Mister B&B also lists reservation options at locally owned gay or gay-friendly hotels. The service is currently live in more than 135 countries.

What are the requirements to list on Misterb&b?

  • All hosts require everything a guest might need, such as toilet paper, a pillow, a towel, and other essential items.
  • Hosts are required to have a high response rate and get back to guests’ questions and concerns within 24 hours of their inquiry.
  • Misterb&b expects that you’ll accept prospective guests and consistently rent out your property.
  • The site does not require gay hosts, but obviously, you must be LGBTQ friendly!

How do you earn money on Misterb&b?

Hosts can earn money by renting an additional room, an apartment, part of a house, or even the entire house. Misterb&b is proud to be a part of the sharing economy, providing a service for real people that helps other real people to make a profit.

How much money can you make on Misterb&b?

If you are considering becoming a Misterb&b host, your intention is more than likely to pick up a side hustle, not to start a fully-fledged business. On average, hosts earn $600 a month, but those numbers vary.

Pros of listing on Misterb&b

  • Helping gay travelers stay in their comfort zones no matter where they roam is one great benefit of using this app
  • Misterb&b is also designed to be entertaining and expand the horizons of the users!
  • You set the rules: price, discount, house rules, availabilities, deposit amount. You are free to accept or reject any request you receive.
  • Don’t worry about regulations, Misterb&b works closely with hundreds of local administrations to make sure your listing is fully compliant.

Cons of listing on Misterb&b

  • Unless you live in a highly demanded area, your rental income may be inconsistent and seasonal.
  • You must completely furnish your home: from furniture to beds, towels and sheets, toiletries and possibly even kitchen items.
  • If you thought that becoming a host would mean more freedom, think again. You need to have consistent access to the app on your phone or your computer and check it regularly throughout the day.

How do I sign up to list on Misterb&b?

Click here to list your room or space and start earning cash right away. New users can even make an additional $10 travel credit upon registration.

What is the website for Misterb&b?


Does Misterb&b have an app?

Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the Misterb&b app.


Misterb&b provides an easy to use online platform to manage your listing and communicate with potential guests. They handle all payment transactions securely through their website, so you don’t have to worry about managing money directly with your guest. Plus, they provide their hosts with insurance at no additional cost in case something happens.

Like most sharing services, apartments can be rented on a daily, or weekly basis or even for much longer stays by negotiation with the hosts.

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