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nDash Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Content Creation, Reading and Writing
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is nDash?

A content creation company called nDash seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors by encouraging its freelance writerswriters to pitch to an entire industry rather than individual B2B brands on its platform.

Based in Boston, nDash – like Contently, Skyword, and other startups in the content marketing space – helps brands source and manage the content they need, including blog posts, white papers, research reports, and a large number of other assets. Usually, these services tend to create virtual teams of freelance writers for a specific client, who then assign work or consider presentations that align with their marketing goals or topics of interest to them.

How does nDash work?

Most content markets work the same way; they allow customers to post jobs and freelancers to either bid or get these jobs.

nDash works a little differently. There are three ways writers and companies can communicate on the platform, and the most popular way is not through a job posting.

How companies and writers communicate are:

  1. Writers can respond to assignments sent by clients, as per the “normal” process.’
  2. Clients are encouraged to find writers who have the experience they need in their work. Therefore, writers are often contacted directly to come up with an arrangement.
  3. Writers can brainstorm ideas directly to companies. nDash says that so far, nearly 65% of all paid assignments have started as an introductory step, so you should follow through if you are a writer.

What are the requirements to work for nDash?

You must be over the age of 18 and have writing experience on a related topic.

How do you earn money on nDash?

This is an all-in-one dashboard for managing your clients, gaining content ideas, working on your assignments, searching for companies, and viewing job ads.

How much money can you make on nDash?

The average assignment pays $175.00, but the writer sets prices.

Pros of working for nDash

  • The company has a good reputation and garnered rewards
  • Well-paying jobs if you notice and start working
  • As a writer, you’re encouraged you to set realistic and fair prices for your work
  • The platform is free for writers to use, and andnDash don’t charge writers any fees.
  • At the time of writing, nDash allows writers to register from 21 different countries
  • They charge the customer a fee in addition to the cost of each piece of work. This means if you agree to $200 with the client, then $200 is what you get.
  • Another great feature is that nDash handles all payments.

Cons of working for nDash

  • It takes a long time to be discovered and hired
  • You cannot apply for jobs
  • The level of expertise, knowledge, and experience required is significant

How do I sign up to work for nDash?

Before anything happens, you need to set up a writer profile and request verification. You can learn more about how to do this here.

If you use LinkedIn to sign in to nDash, nDash pulls your LI profile for your nDash profile, making it easier to fill out your profile.

What is the website for nDash?


Does nDash have an app?

No available apps


nDash is a place for seasoned writers to go away with the most popular freelance platforms’ hype and nonsense.

They aren’t asking for a lot of work for pennies, like many other platforms that tend to make the naughty list. Instead, you will find high-quality professionals who are looking for skills and willing to pay well for them.

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