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Neighbor Review

Compensation :  $18-$300/month 
Skills Needed : Rent Parking Spaces, Rent Storage
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Neighbor?

Neighbor offers affordable peer-to-peer storage locations within users’ neighborhoods through its website and dedicated app. Hosts can sign up to rent additional space in their home that they were not using (a driveway, spare room, barn, and even closets) and set their rental prices.

For those looking to rent out their storage space, Neighbor offers prices at about half the cost of traditional storage companies.

How does Neighbor work?

While Airbnb connects travelers with hosts with spare bedrooms, is all about self-storage.

Since allows for so much flexibility, you can make money even with a small space or in a short period. They also offer a rent estimator to help you determine the optimal price for your private storage unit, although you may charge more or less than recommended if you prefer.

Listing on is simple: enter your location, describe the space, add images, and set a price.

What are the requirements to list for Neighbor?

If you have unused space, you want to rent out, register on the app (it’s free). will confirm your phone number, identity, and email address. You can choose to have a free background check if you want.

How do you earn money on Neighbor?

Neighbor allows you to earn additional income by leasing your unused storage space. It’s like Airbnb, but only this time, it’s for self-storage

How much money can you make with Neighbor?

As for the payment, it is coursed through Neighbor’s website. Monthly rates are ranging from $18 to $300.

Pros of working for Neighbor

  • Flexibility is a top-selling point for both tenants and hosts, as Neighbor allows for almost any storage arrangement.
  • No need to clean up after any untidy house guests; all you have to do is allow someone to put their stuff in your storage and watch the monthly checks roll in.
  • With Neighbor, you can lease out something as small as your linen closet

Cons of working for Neighbor

  • Neighbor protects both parties from liability, but there are some risks involved in peer-to-peer storage rentals.
  • Short term rentals are incredibly lucrative, and renters aren’t willing to spend as much on storage.
  • While hosts can earn a reasonable amount of money in Neighbor, prices are generally lower than conventional storage spaces.

How do I sign up to work for Neighbor?

Go to and click the “List Your Space” button.

What is the website for Neighbor?

Does Neighbor have an app?

To download Neighbor mobile app, visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


If the host or renter decides to cancel their lease early, the app encourages joint resolution. If an agreement cannot be reached, there is a $60 eviction fee that is split between the tenant and the host.

If the renter stops paying, Neighbor will continue to pay the host. It is not the responsibility of the host to evict the tenant. handles everything from sending a default letter to the eviction/auction process.

While it may be worth it for some to rent their unused space, there are several risks to consider before deciding to rent a space on Neighbor. Do the risks outweigh the benefits? That depends on you.

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