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What is, founded in 1996, was one of the first vacation rental sites. It features more than 70,000 vacation rental properties in 103 countries and 6,600 cities. Perfect Places also operates several other vacation rental sites, including,,, and

RedAwning also integrates its travel agent offerings with Perfect Places’ Travel Pro Rental business, making it easy to book a vacation rental for the thousands of travel agents currently registered with the combined companies.

How does work?

Any property can be listed on, whether it is located in the heart of a city or a quaint, remote town with idyllic settings. To list your property, you have to upload photos, mention the rooms and facilities, and set the price.

You will have to submit necessary identification and property-related documents to along with your bank details to receive the payments. No money is charged directly from you – it takes a portion of every reservation (usually 3%). charges GST on your behalf, which can range from 0 to 28%, depending on the rate. It also takes identification documents from guests before allowing them to book.

What are the requirements to list on

Once you confirm your email address, you can start preparing your list. lists all the steps for you. It’s straightforward and includes the things you would expect, such as location, description, local codes, and everything else you need to help your place do well on the platform.

How do you earn money on is a new lodging option for travelers – and a new way to make more money if you have spare space in your home.

The platform functions as an online community connecting travelers and hosts. Members can list their apartment and rent it out, or even just an extra bed, to other members on a short-term basis.

How much money can you make on hosts make, on average, about $800 a month, according to research. Of course, this income can vary greatly depending on where you live, how often you rent your place, your home’s quality, and the services you offer.

Pros of listing on

  • Additional income. We can all agree that this belongs in the “pro” category
  • Because offers a global reach, you can connect with people from diverse cultures worldwide.
  • Just like any hotel, if you have been hosting long enough, you may see repeat clients – trusted guests who treat your home like theirs.
  • Listing get connected to RedAwning and properties
  • Strong customer support and solution teams

Cons of listing on

  • If you are not a people person, extended interactions with clients can be frustrating.
  • The risk of loss or damage. While being careful about your things, guests may not always be considerate.
  • It’s a lot of work! You need to prepare your apartment, take the right photos, optimize your list, manage inquiries, respond to guests, and clean up after every stay.

How do I sign up to work for

As expected, the registration process is straightforward.

  1. First, click “Join” in the upper right corner of their website.
  2. Add your email address (or sign up with your RedAwning account)
  3. Check your email and confirm.

What is the website for

Does have an app?

No available app


When it comes to business opportunities, it is always a good idea to calculate costs before launching your project. However, suppose you are a homeowner looking for an additional income source to help you create an emergency fund, allocate retirement savings, or pay off student loans. In that case, might be the opportunity you are looking for. Rating

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