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Phlatbed Review

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What is Phlatbed?

Phlatbed makes moving on-demand and furniture delivery simple. Phlatbed connects you with local drivers who can help you move things around! It’s that easy! All drivers are thoroughly screened and cleared before being approved to respond to your requests. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, small, medium, junk removal, or just to help pack and load stuff, drivers are ready with availability and flexibility. You can track your item in real-time, chat with your driver in the app, and get your stuffs where you want when you want.

Just enter your pickup and delivery address, add some pictures and a description, name your price, and drivers respond in minutes. It’s that easy! You can make a new friend in the process!

How does Phlatbed work?

Phlatbed offers the same moving and delivery services as competitors, but instead of having standardized hourly rates, customers post jobs and then drivers can bid on the tasks. The customer then chooses which driver they want based on the offer price and the driver’s reputation.

You can only bid as much if you want to win jobs. But the good thing about Phlatbed is that your reputation as a good driver grows, so can your paycheck.

What are the requirements to work for Phlatbed?

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • You need a 2004 or newer vehicle (no salvage titles)
  • Pass a background check and driving record
  • Valid license, registration and insurance.
  • You need a smartphone to use the Phlatbed app.

How do you earn money on Phlatbed?

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money on the go and help people move, Phlatbed is one of the best opportunities to win in the concert economy.

How much money can you make on Phlatbed?

Set by user and driver (most often in the $100 to $300 range)

Pros of working for Phlatbed

  • The only on-demand app that lets you name your price
  • Write the next great American novel? Phlatbed gives you the flexibility to do that and not submit to the 9 am-5 pm monster.
  • Phlatbed offers customers some insurance coverage for damaged or broken items in transit, which appears to protect workers.
  • If you prefer to be on the go meeting new people then being a courier could be for you! Many Phlatbed customers talked about their enjoyment of being on the open road and liaising with the different people they meet.

Cons of working for Phlatbed

  • Be aware of gas and general wear and tear on your car and your “amount earned” takes a hit.
  • App saturation. Tons of gig workers use this app. Depending on the residence, it can quickly become overcrowded.
  • Unfortunately, the price of diesel and unleaded always fluctuates. You will have to pay for things like vehicle rental and road tax, which is certainly not cheap and will come out of your profit.

How do I sign up to work for Phlatbed?

All you need to do is submit information about yourself and your vehicle on their application page, then wait approximately a week for your background check to be performed.

What is the website for Phlatbed?

Does Phlatbed have an app?

Get the mobile smartphone app on Phlatbed.


Delivery professionals can earn money by helping individuals and businesses with furniture delivery, junk hauling, last-mile delivery, local removals, courier services, and more. Customers can reserve Phlatbed projects on-demand or schedule them in advance, allowing delivery professionals to accept applications whenever they want and earn revenue on flexible hours.

Also note that operating your truck carries substantial costs (mileage, wear, additional insurance, to name a few). And when you move people’s possessions, you can also invest in straps and other equipment to secure your cargo.

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