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Problogger Review

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Skills Needed : Blogging , Podcast
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is ProBlogger?

ProBlogger is unique amongst the freelance platforms that are fueling the growth of the gig economy. Unlike other sites, it isn’t a closed platform with defined services, customer support, or other features. Darren Rowse started ProBlogger back in 2004 as a way to connect with other bloggers who were trying to monetize their blogging activities. In time, the site grew in popularity and reach, and blossomed into a one-stop-shop for bloggers who were interested in content creation and looking for the best remote writing opportunities in the industry.

How does ProBlogger work?

ProBlogger is a simple job board where people who need copywriting work doing can post their requirements. The people can range from individuals setting up new sites (such as myself!) right up to those representing large, well-known companies.

Typically there are two to five new roles posted each day, so there’s a constant stream of new content writing jobs for those looking for them.

Speaking from experience, people recruiting using this job board do tend to receive a high number of applications, so it’s down to you to make yours stand out if you wish to stand a chance of receiving a response.

How do you earn money on ProBlogger?

Employers or clients post the requirements of their respective writing gigs on the job board. These potential clients include small online businesses and established multinationals.

Hence, freelance writers can access around five new roles posted each day. This means that writers can rest assured of getting a constant stream of writing gigs that can sustain their careers.

What are the requirements to work for ProBlogger?


How much money can you make on ProBlogger?

Not applicable

Pros of working for ProBlogger

  • Free for freelancers, which makes it a go-to for many professionals looking for writing jobs who don’t want to sign up to work with content mills
  • Simple Interface and one dashboard to manage all listings
  • With an audience of 300,000 bloggers, it serves the dual purpose of marketing as well as hiring
  • ProBlogger’s Employer Dashboard is user-friendly, has a clutter-free design, and is simple to use.

Cons of working for ProBlogger

  • Listings are expensive, and clock in at $70 for 30 days. Even with membership packages, businesses can still expect to pay $50 per job listing.
  • Sorting through the 100s of applications per job listing can be cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Limited in the scope of categories since the platform is designed specifically for writers)

How do I sign up to work for ProBlogger?

The good thing about Problogger job board is that you can see the name of the client before you apply for the job (unlike in a site like Upwork) therefore you can go out of your way and do a little bit of research about the company/organization before you send your application letter.

What is the website for ProBlogger?

ProBlogger app

No available app


As a freelance writer, ProBlogger should be part of your arsenal. You can visit the website to find writing jobs or sometimes recruit skilled writers to handle some of your writing tasks. There is a decent level of quality on the ProBlogger platform in terms of the writers themselves and the work they do.

Every client will post their job along with the offer price. It is up to you to decide whether the pay is okay or not. You will find jobs paying as high as $0.05 per word.

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