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PuppyFinder Review

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What is PuppyFinder?

PuppyFind.com is a great site to advertise your puppies.

It is worth using as it gets high exposure from the traffic it generates. While this platform is primarily for dogs in the United States, you can find some breeders in Canada and Europe posting on the website.

How does PuppyFinder work?

They list puppies by breed, and you can further sort them by age, sex, and even traits like homelessness or Topdog ratings. This makes it effortless for puppy buyers to find the best puppy for their family, which could be yours.

Breeders should know that the PuppyFind service is free. You can list or search for puppies without spending money. The downside of this is that if no one pays money, no one can contact the other.

If it’s your first-time litter, you may not want to invest in the fee, but remember that this will limit the number of people who contact you. Either the puppy buyer must buy a subscription, or you do. If you plan to advertise more than one litter in a year, it’s a great plan to invest the $19.99 monthly subscription fee.

What are the requirements to list on PuppyFinder?

Puppies to sell

How do you earn money on PuppyFinder?

Another great site that lists puppies is PuppyFinder. It’s a cute site that asks potential puppy buyers a few questions and then pairs them with a breed.

How much money can you make on PuppyFinder?

Set by you

Pros of listing on PuppyFinder

  • Dogs are relatively smaller sized animals. Therefore, you will need to have relatively less space to start your dog breeding business.
  • Dogs can adapt to many climates. You will easily find some breeds that will work well in your weather.
  • Dogs are relatively hardy animals. They can survive well and can resist many common problems.
  • The dog breeding business can create an excellent job opportunity for educated and unemployed people.
  • It is possible to operate a dog breeding business with one person managing the operation from start to finish.

Cons of listing on PuppyFinder

  • Professional dog breeding requires knowledge. And it’s not something you have to go into blindly.
  • Dog breeding is a time-consuming profession. You will need time to learn everything and run a successful dog breeding business (to do dog agility training, obedience classes, and socialize puppies).
  • If you are in the puppy breeding business, then you must decide to share your home with the dogs.

How do I sign up to list on PuppyFinder?

Go to PuppyFind.com and click “List a puppy” at the top of their website to register.

What is the website for PuppyFinder?


Does PuppyFinder have an app?

There are no apps available.


PuppyFind works as a liaison and will help set delivery for your puppy to reach his/her new home. This makes selling puppies even more comfortable and makes it easy to find out where to advertise puppies a no-brainer… clearly, American, Canadian and European breeder, buyers should take advantage of the services offered by PuppyFind.

Could you handle caring for five furry babies at the same time? You have to get them vaccines, food and vet checked when they start to wean their mother’s milk, and there are other expenses associated with puppies that need to be considered before beginning to breed your dog.

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