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Rent a Friend Review

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What is Rent a Friend?

Founded in 2009 in New Jersey, Rent Friend is a relatively new service in the US market; however, it has been available in Japan for several years. It is very popular as a service that primarily caters to single parents. As of 2018, it was the world’s largest platonic friendship site. It’s not an escort service or dating site. Physical contact between friends and Rent a Friend member is not permitted, and it is only intended for the platonic company.

How does Rent a Friend work?

There is no cost to join and work with Rent a Friend. Once you enter this site, you can search for anyone for free, but if you want to contact another member within Rent a Friend, you have to pay $24.95 for the membership. You need to add your profile picture, fill in your profile, and provide an excellent description of yourself to get started so that people interested in hiring a friend pick you up first.

When a member is interested in hiring a friend contacts you to watch a movie, take a walk in the park, eating dinner, etc., you can charge them around $10 an hour. However, if someone is looking for a friend to help them do something, you can charge up to 40 to 50 dollars an hour, for example, for moving things or showing him the new city as a tour guide, as his/her girlfriend in front of their friends and family, etc.

What are the requirements to work for Rent a Friend?

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Must never be convicted of a crime or registered as a sexual offense
  • Willing to hang out with people you don’t know to get paid

How do you earn money on Rent a Friend?

Rent a Friend is a website that allows people to make money by being a friend for hire in their local area.

How much money can you make on Rent a Friend?

People who receive appointments can earn between $50 and $500 per date. You will be paid cash before or after the date. Payment details are one of the basic information that is given to you before accepting the date.

Pros of working for Rent a Friend

  • As the person rented, you can earn money while having fun and exploring new places.
  • You can build a long-term friendship that may be beneficial in the near future.
  • All your data is well protected to help you enjoy safely. You can only give your details when the deal has been sealed
  • Navigation to the site is straightforward and intuitive.

Cons of working for Rent a Friend

  • As a hired person, your safety is not always guaranteed because you do not know who you will meet, what it will look like, and what they have planned.
  • Sometimes, customer needs can be risky. They may demand that you act as the girlfriend or boyfriend of a divorced person to arouse spouse jealousy and make a comeback. This could cause some bruising.
  • Many people use the site for dating and hookups. Although not openly accepted, most people will pay to get that.

How do I sign up to work for Rent a Friend?

Register using your email or social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

What is the website for Rent a Friend?

Does Rent a Friend have an app?

There are no apps available.


This might sound like an excellent opportunity to make extra cash, but it isn’t for everyone. Because it is impossible to predict potential income, this may not be a good option for anyone looking for a full-time income.

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash, this could be a good option. It’s also free to try.

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