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Rentah Review

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Skills Needed : Renting Goods
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What is Rentah?

Rentah is a peer-to-peer marketplace where anyone can rent out their stuff, services, or spaces at the price of their choice. The goal is to allow communities to take advantage of the value of their underutilized assets, such as the lawnmower that spends all week in the garage, the PA system that goes off once a month, or the sporting goods that won’t be needed this season.

Rentah’s mission is to help the community earn passive income while meeting its motto: company for the people.

How does Rentah work?

It’s like Craigslist, but you rent things instead of buying them. That goes for furniture, real estate, electronics, clothing, and more. We already have puppy and purse rental sites. Why limit ourselves?

So how does the entire Rentah process work? How do transactions between renters and item owners work?

It’s free to join and use.

From here, it’s really quite simple: the renter finds the item they are looking for and makes a reservation request.

The item owner sees this request and then decides whether they’re ready for a meeting or not.

If all goes well, the owner and the renter meet, and the item changes hands.

Rentah is set up in a pretty handy way, with the ability to add items to favorites, check a renter’s verification status, set prices and terms, and choose a period for the rental.

What are the requirements to list on Rentah?

Be legally an adult (18 or 21, depending on where you live)

How do you earn money on Rentah?

Once registered on their site, you can add any items you own for rental purposes. You define the price, the area that can be covered, and the rental conditions.

How much money can you make on Rentah?

Set by you

Pros of listing on Rentah

  • It allows you to earn extra money.
  • The platform has an evaluation process that helps protect all members who use the site.
  • The company provides transactors with much-needed commercial freedom.
  • It’s free to list items for rent, which means that one can list as many items as possible and, therefore, more money.

Cons of listing on Rentah

  • The problem of distance. It can be challenging to do business with people who rent items from far away.
  • As much as the company has put in place an assessment process to ensure safety when conducting business, one still has to meet strangers, and it can be dangerous.
  • There are some items that the company does not allow to rent within its platform.

How do I sign up to work for Rentah?

Sign up here. You can also quickly access the site through your Facebook or Gmail account.

What is the website for Rentah?

Does Rentah have an app?

The Rental app is available for iOS and Android.


Now you can rent items you hardly use. Instead of leaving it to rot in your basement or garden shed, you can earn money from renting your property. The borrower is also eager to rent something they need at a cheaper rate. For the lender and the borrower, this is equally beneficial.

The company also offers a valid contract that secures the whole deal. So don’t worry if you want to become a lender through Rentah. Your things are protected while you earn on your rental.

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