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Rover Review

Compensation :  $1000-$3300/month 
Category : Pet Services
Skills Needed : Pet Sitting 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Rover?

Your business trips and scheduled meetings may leave you worried about your beloved pets. The pet-sitting apps are life-savers and worth spending your money. The description of the Rover is going to help you regarding your pet-care.

The Rover is a US-based marketplace for buying, selling and caretaking of dogs. It was established in 2001 in Seattle and is active in states of US and Canada with almost 100,000 sitters at present.

How does Rover work?

This app is a pet sitter app in which you can have a chance to get a full-paid reputable job on the go instead of doing some real hard job as finding the most dangerous criminals out there. The Rover works by opening an account on the app and they also enjoy different features like sending or receiving messages when needed. You have to provide every related information on the website and follow all steps, that leads them to decide if you are eligible for the job.

What are the requirements to work for Rover?

Various requirements check the qualifications of the sitters who apply for the caregivers’ chores. The following are some things that need to be understood by the sitters so they can fulfill all the necessities of the company and the owners:

  • Being reliable and trustworthy is expected from a caregiver.
  • Full-time attention must be given to the pet to know every detail about his behavior.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills must be extraordinary.
  • Customer service skills must be present.
  • Grooming techniques and initial knowledge of first-aid must be known.
  • Keep the place clean and organized and be practical.

How do you earn money on Rover?

The Rover offers enormous ways to make a large amount of money by using the application. The Sitters are given opportunities to earn more money through their job.

  • The sitters can clean the whole house and help in other household chores that allow the owner to charge additional money.
  • The site has arranged pet sitting for all kinds of animals including goats, lizards, birds, turtles, and fish so they can help earn extra money.

How much money can you make on Rover?

The sitters who choose to caretake as a part-time job can earn $1,000 per month and others can opt it as a full-time job and earn an average of $3,300 monthly.

Pros of working for Rover

  • When pets need to go out for a walk, the sitter attains great physical health.
  • A flexible schedule is quite helpful in doing the job of a pet sitter as it makes you more punctual.

Good connections can be made between the owners and the sitters that lead to successful relationships and you can have a chance to be a part of the family.

CCons of working for Rover

Some people are not fond of animals and they apply for this job to get money and cause harm to your pets.

The sitters who are non-flexible and unaware of basic training of dealing with the emergencies can be disadvantageous.

How do I sign up to work for Rover?

The sitters can get a chance to be a part of Rover by pushing the sign-up button on the upper right corner of the website. There is a small background check before getting started on the app.

What is the website for Rover?

Rover App


The pet-sitter apps are an admirable source of earning money and also proliferate the capabilities of the sitters to interact with the pets. They have a chance to be physically fit by caretaking the pets and taking them on short walks. The Rover promises the security and safety of your pets.

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