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Sailo Review

Compensation :  $400-$3,000 / day 
Category : Boat Rentals
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Sailo?

Boats are expensive to buy, costly to store, and unless you’re lucky enough to spend your days on the high seas, they often spend most of their time unused. The flip side, though, is that they are a pretty famously good time.

That’s where Sailo comes in. The new startup in the peer-to-peer rental space is making it possible to search for available boats and rent them online. It’s like Airbnb, the accommodation rental platform, but for boats. Casual boaters can taste life on the water, and boat owners make money off of an expensive asset they likely don’t use all day every day.

How does Sailo work?

Enter Sailo, the newest online peer-to-peer marketplace that brings the Airbnb model to boat rentals. Utilizing the latest technology, Sailo provides consumers with a one-stop-shop for listing their boats for rent, discovering and booking yachts for charter, and finding licensed captains and crew in a matter of minutes.

Launched in September 2014, Sailo was founded by Adrian Gradinaru, who came up with the idea after a bad boat rental experience in Greece. He quickly convinced his long-time friend Magda Marcu, a technology guru from Silicon Valley, Bogdan Batog (a fellow engineer), and Delphine Braas, a friend from Columbia Business School, to co-found the company with him.

What are the requirements to work for Sailo?

A boat for rent; or appropriate certifications to work as a captain; smartphone

How do you earn money on Sailo?

The new startup in the peer-to-peer rental space is making it possible to search for available boats and rent them online. It’s like Airbnb, the accommodation rental platform, but for boats.

How much money can you make on Sailo?

We have seen boats that rent out on the site for $600 for a half-day, $650 for a quarter of a day, $3,000 for a quarter of a day, $400 for a half-day… etc. The price is absolutely dependent on the type of boat you have.

Pros of working for Sailo

  • The umbrella insurance that Sailo offers to its clients makes it possible to charter your boat a few times a year rather than insuring it full time as a charter boat.
  • Sailo offers an easy way for owners to monetize their boats and captains to engage with new customers.
  • Those captains, meanwhile, get an additional source of income, and the boat owners get to make money when their vessels would typically be sitting idle at the dock.
  • You choose your own rental rates and have the right to approve or refuse any renter or captain.

Cons of working for Sailo

  • Owning a boat is actually kind of a big deal. Most of them aren’t cheap, and they cost quite a bit to dock, store and maintain.
  • charges a 7% service fee on every rental rented through their website. They also charge boat owners a 14% commission fee every time they rent out their boats. This fee is a bit on the high side when you compare it on a percentage basis.

How do I sign up to work for Sailo?

Making a Sailo account is safe and convenient. After a few fields that request information about the boat you are listing, you will be requested to create your credentials and an online profile. They make it easy by allowing you to use Facebook or Google for quick log-in credentials.

What is the website for Sailo?

Sailo App

Sailo offers an iOS app that brings their company and boat renting to the forefront of the mobile world while making it even easier for customers to plan and book their boating adventures.


If you’re a boat owner and thinking about renting, Sailo can generate a quick estimate for how much you could earn based on boat type, length, and how often you anticipate renting each month. As the owner, you control the availability, pricing, and guest rules. At the same time, Sailo protects you with world-class liability protection, a 24-hour support team, and a network of USCG-licensed captains who will keep your boat in capable hands. Listing your boat is just as easy as renting one.

Sailo’s core market currently focuses on New York and Miami, but they have future plans to expand into Los Angeles and North Carolina.

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