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Compensation :  $1000/week 
Skills Needed : Copy Writing, Marketing, Reading and Writing
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is

Scripted is a content marketplace where businesses can hire “professional” writers who specialize in specific industries and writing styles. Businesses can hire writers to produce various types of content at extremely competitive rates. The kind of content can be blog posts, articles, website pages, social media posts, etc.

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How does work?

Scripted is one such site. The format is relatively straightforward: Writers apply to write for specific industries (entertainment, business, travel, etc.) Once the submission (including the writing sample) is approved, the writer can accept jobs within that industry. Most writers on write for more than one sector.

Writers also have the option of becoming “experts” in their fields – this involves applying to write for specific topics in the industry. Once approved, a writer’s “expert” status gives them access to better-paying jobs, as well as more opportunities for their chosen genre.

What are the requirements to work for

Scripted asks for your name, phone number, experience, and any past degrees you may have. So, we would say the application process is straightforward.

How do you earn money on

You can apply to be a writer for Unlike other freelancers’ content mills, Scripted tends to be somewhat more selective in terms of writers who can join their website. The process is as follows:

  • Create an account, and it’s free.
  • Select your area of expertise
  • Submit some of your previous work.
  • If approved, you can start working.

How much money can you make on

From what we can gather, the pay is anywhere from $20 – $50 for 500-600 blog posts.

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Pros of working for

  • Fair compensation for a content broker – we’ve received anywhere from 7 cents to 14 cents per word
  • Payment distributed twice per month
  • Ability to pitch ideas for various clients, with pitch opportunities always available
  • Opportunity to increase writer rating for work submitted ahead of deadlines and for client accolades
  • Opportunity to be “favorited” by clients who love your work, for first right of refusal on future projects
  • Emails letting writers know when a high volume of jobs has become available in their Industries/Specialties
  • Fair deadlines, usually at least a day or two out

Cons of working for

  • More extended editorial and client review/approval turnaround.
  • In our opinion having to apply for various Specialties individually –, a reliable writer should be able to research and write on a variety of topics and understand which jobs are best suited for them
  • Payment via, which is a slight inconvenience when others all pay through PayPal
  • Writing opportunities seem a bit sporadic – feast or famine within my Specialties; although this may be remedied by continuing to apply for more Specialties
  • The editorial process mostly contingent on the specific editor assigned to review your work
  • No writer attribution (standard with content brokers)

How do I sign up to list on

The process of getting started is relatively simple. Create an account online with a primary name, email, and password information, and you’ll receive an email asking you to complete your online profile before applying to Industries.

What is the website for

Does have an app?

No available app


We recommend adding Scripted to your content broker stockpile. Pay rates are some of the best we’ve seen for this type of writing, and the assignments we’ve taken have been varied, exciting, and inclusive of the appropriate level of detail to develop a quality article.

Of course, the big concern is going to be getting accepted into the program as a writer. What we recommend is if you do think scripted is right for you to go ahead and apply. It never hurts to try. Rating

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Last updated : 1/26/2023

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