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Compensation : €80-€250/week
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is calls itself the working travel platform. Job openings are efficiently organized into summer jobs, ski jobs, gap year, babysitting, hospitality and sports, water, and outdoor activities. Within each category, positions are sorted by “what’s new” and “what everyone’s talking about.”

On top of the extensive primary search, the site highlights companies looking for employees. The user can also create an account and shortlist positions when considering applying. For those applying for jobs abroad, Seasonworkers has a section covering visas and work permits for travelers.

How does work? is a seasonal job platform that lists various career opportunities, ranging from theme parks, ranches, and ski resorts. Extra fun, historical and outdoor businesses list their job opportunities on These jobs mostly are in the hospitality industry and involve physical activities such as natural guides, cleaners, ski instructors, etc.

Most jobs are seasonal, although you can find year-round jobs at if you look. You can also pair up different jobs to get a more stable but varied job. For example, you could work in Yellowstone all summer and then move to a nearby ski resort for winter work.

But the great thing about is that these are not jobs that you will find in your typical job board. We mean, where else can you find the opportunity to make bronze sculptures at a Buddhist center in Northern California?

What are the requirements to work for

All season workers must be at least 18 years old (21 years in some companies) and have a clean police record. Other requirements include:

  • Have a first aid or salvage degree,
  • Have a sports or youth coaching qualification,
  • Previous work experience with children or adolescents.

How do you earn money on

On, you can find jobs like; Ski Physio, Masseurs and Beauty Therapists, Pub Work, Kitchen Staff (even washing pots), and Babysitter; of course, this is not the end; there are also jobs for drivers and representatives.

How much money can you make on

Varies but generally close to minimum wage

Pros of working for

  • The platform allows you to take a break from college without running the risk of becoming lazy and falling into the “summer slide.”
  • Adding a seasonal job to your resume is a great way to showcase work experience, mostly if you just finished high school or had a prolonged break in employment.
  • It can lead to full-time employment. Employers are big fans of turning a seasonal staff into full-time employees.
  • This is kind of a “duh!” But seasonal employment can provide you with some extra cash, which is often needed during the holidays.
  • You will learn new job skills that will make you more marketable once you graduate from college and enter the workforce.

Cons of working for

  • Seasonal jobs are short term; they end after the holiday season or peak time of year ends.
  • If you have a full-time job and are thinking of adding vacation jobs for extra money say goodbye to your social life.
  • Seasonal jobs are not known for their high pay and incredible benefits.
  • Your schedule may require you to work weekends, nights, and holidays.

How do I sign up to work for

You will apply for each job directly with the hiring company. Each listing explains precisely how to apply. Often you will complete an application online or send your resume to the email address provided.

What is the website for

Does have an app?

No apps available


With a seasonal job in a new location, you can take some time off while you work. Emily enjoyed her seasonal job so much that at the end of the summer she switched her major to environmental studies.

“It definitely changed my expected career path,” she said. “My experience was so amazing and totally unlike anything I’ve ever done.” Rating

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Last updated : 9/22/2023

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