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SidelineSwap Review

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What is SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap is an online marketplace mainly focused on helping to connect buyers with sellers of used sporting goods. Founded in 2015, SidelineSwaphas attracted more than 150,000 high school and college athletes, as well as sports families. With its increasing popularity in recent years, THE inventory levels are surprisingly good.

How does SidelineSwap work?

Getting started is easy. Users can register on the website or download the SidelineSwap app. Users sign in with their email address and can begin listing items right away. They should post a couple of photos of each item, add some details about it, and decide the price to create a list.

Users must list any deficiencies with their stuff and are encouraged to write a detailed description. SidelineSwap have guidelines on how to take great photos and how to complete a list in the way that is most appealing to shoppers.

Once an item is listed, users can view it on the website or app. Buyers can buy the item and pay for shipping immediately, or they can message the seller to bid below the requested price. The buyer always pays for the shipping.

What are the requirements to sell on SidelineSwap?

Sporting goods to sell

How do you earn money on SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap makes it easy for athletes to sell, trade and display their equipment online.

How much money can you make on SidelineSwap?

Top sellers earn more than $ 100,000 annually.

Pros of selling on SidelineSwap

  • Perhaps what people like most about SidelineSwap is that it is specific to sporting goods. Users can use the platform to sell equipment, clothing and more based on sports category.
  • As an added benefit, the website is easy to use. It has a search function, so users on the site can jump directly to the item lists they need.
  • If you decide that SidelineSwap storefront is the right way to sell your sporting goods, you can get your first listings in less than 30 minutes.

Cons of selling on SidelineSwap

  • There will be many competitors inserting listings on SidelineSwap for the same reasons you were thinking of doing it now.
  • SidelineSwap’s reputation is that it is a platform where you can find some pretty good deals. Bargain hunters are everywhere on this website.

How do I sign up to sell on SidelineSwap?

You can register with a valid email address, set a secure password, and post your first ad as a picture.

What is the website for SidelineSwap?

Does SidelineSwap have an app?

The Let go mobile app is available for the Android and iOS version.


Parents trying to offload Johnny’s old baseball team don’t want to become professional salesmen; they just want to make some space in their garage. Johnny’s bat, helmet, and glove may be the first and last thing they sell in an online marketplace.

eBay can intimidate people in that position. The first online marketplace had to shift its focus to professional “power sellers” to compete with Amazon for convenience and reliability. That means putting up hurdles to guarantee the quality, making it more challenging for mom or dad who just wants to sell a pair of hockey skates.

While looking to turn your clutter into cash, we recommend you check out SidelineSwap to offload anything from clothing to tech gear and more.

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