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Sitter City Review

Compensation :  $15-$19/hr 
Category : Caregiving
Skills Needed : Caregiving
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Sitter City?

Wage-earners spend their whole day working, and thus they are unable to keep an eye on their kids. Today’s technology has introduced babysitter booking apps for their facility. The parents book nannies for their babies so that they can focus on their work and get a tension-free sleep.

Sitter City is one of the leading babysitting apps in the market that was established in 2001 in Boston, and it is only an American based online app. It is gaining popularity gradually, as it has now over 5 million caregivers.

How does Sitter City work?

Sitter City is not only a babysitting app, but it includes various forms of caregivers like babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, and pet sitters. The people who wish to take care of their little kids and pets usually use the apps to hire local in-home care. They remain satisfied that their kids are under the supervision of the ones whom they know. The website contains the sign-up option for both parents and nannies to make an account on Sitter City so that the parents that are willing to hire the caretakers for their loved ones can find them and the nannies can find an honorable job.

The website contains all the personal information regarding the nannies to ensure the parents that their babies are safe and taken care of. Thus, parents realize that this app is trustworthy as they can also stay in contact with the nannies to learn about their child every time they want.

What are the requirements to work for Sitter City?

Sitter City has several requirements that are supposed to be satisfied by both the parties to have a great experience on and off the platform. They are mostly the community guidelines and expectations that need to be followed, and so it’s the responsibility of parents and the caretakers.

These guidelines are as follows:

  • The communication skills of the nannies and the parents need to be outstanding.
  • The Sitter city assures that the children and pets are taken good care of in a safe and clean environment.
  • The nannies must have the knowledge of first-aid to deal with the sick kids.
  • The payment must be made on time to prevent any mishappening.
  • Punctuality in giving responses is also a requirement.

How To Earn Money On Sitter City

Are you looking forward to earning some money by using the Sitter City? Just register yourself on the Sitter City. The few ideas to make more money from this app are given below:

  • The nannies and caregivers can give extra time like night-time duties.
  • The Sitter City has a community which includes the nannies and the parents altogether so they can interact and get to know each other.

How much money can you make on Sitter City?

The nannies are paid an amount of approximately 15$ to 19$ hourly.

Pros of working for Sitter City

  • Quick childcare service is available anytime.
  • Ensure the child’s safety by staying in contact.
  • Flexible for pick-up and drop-off services timely.
  • Source of safety and continuity.

Cons of working for Sitter City

  • Some caregivers might be incompatible with the child or pet.
  • Unreliability can be a problem.
  • Long shifts are tiring.

How do I sign up to work for Sitter City?

Registering yourself on the website by signing-up is basic and avoid complexity.

What is the website for Sitter City?

Sitter City App:


Sitter City and relevant nanny booking apps are helpful to parents for making their children creative and active in every task. They opt for an ideal lifestyle by being guided individually and properly. Thus, it led us to a more innovative world.

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