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SkipTheDrive Review

Compensation : $38/hr
Skills Needed : Accounting, Consulting, Quality Assurance, Web Development
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is SkipTheDrive?

Find a job on SkipTheDrive, and you’ll be smug while your friends complain about their commute. The website acts as a kind of automatic job board search engine, scans other job sites for listings that match the category keywords (such as “development”), and also refers to remote work/telecommuting.

Select a job from the SkipTheDrive menu, and you’ll be taken to this other site where you can apply. Since it scans so many different panels, you won’t miss much if you check here frequently. However, the keyword system isn’t always perfect, and you may have to delve into some unrelated or “partial” telecommute ones.

How does SkipTheDrive work?

SkipTheDrive scores big with remote job categories and the featured companies and is useful for anyone looking for remote jobs in tech, high tech, project management, customer service, human resources, call centers, and even insurance.

Although many of these listings belong to Indeed, the filtering options on this site can help you refine your search and find the jobs that best suit your skills and interests.

You’ll see full-time, part-time, or contract work in various categories, including account management, consulting, finance, and recruitment. Once you’ve chosen your niche, filter jobs by posting date to avoid reading overdue listings.

As a fun bonus, the site helps you calculate how much money and time you will save each year by working from home.

What are the requirements to working for SkipTheDrive?

It varies by position.

How to make money on SkipTheDrive?

This is definitely a great remote job board for those newly acquainted with not going to the office. There are posts about telecommuting opportunities, exciting industry articles and discussions, and remote team communication tips.

How much money can you make on SkipTheDrive?

It varies by position.

Pros of working for SkipTheDrive

  • is easy to use and is equipped with a custom search filter that easily allows job seekers to find suitable job ads.
  • One of the largest home job databases.
  • They have great sorting options.
  • It saves you time seeking and researching for jobs from home on your own.
  • It is updated five days a week, like clockwork.
  • Another feature of SkipTheDrive is the ability to choose your own workload. You can work when you want, and you can choose projects that are meaningful to you.

Cons of working for SkipTheDrive

  • Job seekers can be disturbed with calls and spam emails.
  • Due to no small number of applicants, many job seekers do not have any employment opportunities.
  • The website also lists many unavailable, outdated, or non-existent job offers, fraud offers, paid surveys, and other ads as it lacks a rigorous filtering system.
  • While an employee is (most of the time) eligible for benefits, the self-employed rarely receive benefits.

How do I sign up to work for SkipTheDrive?

Job seekers are not required to access or register. Many of the job listings were not originally published on SkipTheDrive, but are taken from other job boards like ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder.

What is the website for SkipTheDrive?

Does SkipTheDrive have an app?

There are no apps available.


We can say can help people find hourly jobs that fit their qualifications and needs.

However, job seekers should be careful not to share their personal information. The site should be used to browse available jobs and then go directly to the employer’s website to check real availability and apply it through them.

This is the only way to avoid fraud sites, avoid wasting time on non-existent jobs or be bombarded with spam.

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Last updated : 1/26/2023

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