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Society6 Review

Compensation : -
Skills Needed : Buying and Selling
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Society6?

Society6 is a Print On Demand website. It is a platform for artists, photographers, designers, or writers to upload and sell their original works as consumer goods.

Society6 can handle all kinds of prints, from art prints to coffee mugs to shower curtains (yes, you read that right, shower curtains!)

The platform takes care of the inventory, production, printing, and shipping of the products. All you have to worry about is uploading your original work (that is, the fun stuff!)

How does Society6 work?

Once you are registered and verified, Society6 allows you to set up the store right away. Get started by uploading one work of art at a time, dragging and dropping an image onto their platform.

Once uploaded, you’ll be asked to add a title to your work, some brief details, and some tags to help make your art more visible.

Once completed, you will be directed to a page where you will see your work spread across all available products. (It’s fascinating!)

You can click on each art to edit the size and location if you’re a perfectionist like us, or you can leave the auto-generated image as it is. You can also select the items you want to work on (if, for example, you don’t like drawings on a floor mat). For clothing, you can choose from its broad spectrum of available colors.

What are the requirements to list on Society6?

Once you’re done creating an account on the platform, you can start selling your art immediately. Almost any kind of art is allowed, as long as it meets the guidelines set by Society6.

It is recommended that the file you submit your art in be at least 6500px X 6500px. However, you should note that this number is only the benchmark for the most sold items. These items include shirts, mugs, wall clocks, and more.

How do you earn money on Society6?

If you are a painter, drawer, doodler, or any other type of visual artist, you may well have an interest in Society6.

This platform is a decent platform for those trying to earn money from their artistic creations.

How much money can you make on Society6?

Those who only submit art to on occasion will usually only generate tens of dollars a month. Those who submit regularly, but do a poor job of promotion can generally make a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Pros of listing Society6

  • If your work is “Hip,” then this is definitely a great place to display your work with art that appeals to the same target market.
  • Straightforward setup.
  • No payment limits
  • They have a great help center and guide for sellers.
  • Market niche for visual artists.
  • Sellers do not have a physical product.

Cons of listing on Society6

  • Artists only get 10% of the purchase
  • The artist has no control over product quality.
  • It is difficult for buyers to find your art organically on their search page.
  • You cannot control your margin on most products.

How do I sign up to list on Society6?

Creating an account is free, and all you need is an email address and password. Go to in your browser and when the site appears, Look for Join/Login in the upper right corner.

What is the website for Society6?

Does Society6 have an app?

The Society6 app is available for iOS and Android.


Society6 is a handy outlet for artists who want to spread their art and currently don’t have the means to do so. With thousands of artists uploading their artwork, there are endless possibilities for consumer products. Society6 gets a decent share for every product, but overall, Society6 helps artists work for consumers around the world.

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