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SurveyTime Review

Compensation : -
Category : Surveys
Skills Needed : Answering Surveys , Crowdsourcing 
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is SurveyTime?

Founded in 2018, Surveytime is a paid survey site powered by, global market research, and mobile advertising technology-based in Israel.

Surveytime allows users to receive $1 by completing the designated survey. They serve every country in the world.

How does SurveyTime work? is a survey platform, so you need to register to get started. Once you are registered, you must complete a short form with your personal and demographic data, such as age, location, interests, etc.

You need to fill in the details on a survey site to get more surveys that match your interests. It is also essential to honestly answer all questions every time, as they repeat the questions several times to check if you answer them correctly.

After completing this short survey, many surveys will appear in your dashboard; you will also be notified by email.

When the survey process is completed, you will be instantly paid $1 through PayPal or gift cards, depending on your choice.

What are the requirements to sign up for SurveyTime?

We liked because it is available worldwide, which doesn’t happen with all surveys. Another great thing about this site is that it is available in different languages.

There are no requirements to join this platform. You only need to be over 13 years old. Also, when you answer questions, will send you surveys that suit you.

How do you earn money on SurveyTime?

If the platform finds a survey suitable for you, you will see that start button. Click on it, and you can answer some surveys!

How much money can you make on SurveyTime?

Your earning potential depends on the country you live in, the opportunities available, and the amount of time you’ll spend answering surveys.

Each survey pays $1. The average duration of the survey is 5 to 15 minutes, which is not bad, in our opinion.

Pros of SurveyTime

  • Complete the questionnaire and receive payment. It is easy!
  • Available in different languages.
  • Many payment options
  • Property of, a well-known brand
  • Available for all countries
  • They are 100% free to join.

Cons of SurveyTime

  • Many complaints about non-payment, off-screen
  • Insufficient surveys
  • Not listed, qualified, or approved by the Better Business Bureau.

How do I sign up for SurveyTime?

Registration is free and easy to understand. You have many options to register; you can use your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account in addition to your email address.

What is SurveyTime?

Does SurveyTime have an app? does not have an app, but its website is compatible with mobile devices.


For anyone who has little time to save and wants to make a quick buck, Surveytime is an easy-to-use platform that offers its promise of instant payment.

Although consumers may not receive as many surveys as other sites, they won’t have to deal with complicated rewards or point structures to get compensation for completing them.

It’s transparent, reliable, and quick – all the great features of a paid survey company.

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