TaskRabbit Review| How to make money on TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit Review

Compensation :  $16-$30/hr 
Skills Needed : Clean, Home Repairs, Moving Help
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is TaskRabbit?

Leah Busque founded TaskRabbit in 2008. It was the perfect business to start when the economy was having trouble because it benefits everyone. Students, job seekers, retirees, stay at home moms, and everyone else was able to capitalize on their skills during the economic downturn. Now it’s a fun and flexible way to make a living.

With TaskRabbit, help is only just a few clicks away. It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to get things ticked off of your to-do list. This cash-free business operates on the neighbors, helping neighbors’ philosophy. By employing reliable, local help, TaskRabbit helps to build a thriving and helpful community. Plus, it saves consumers time and lots of headaches.

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How does TaskRabbit work?

For the uninitiated, TaskRabbit is a mobile app and online platform that connects laborers (known as Taskers) to clients with errands to complete.

A TaskRabbit Tasker will be paid an hourly rate to do chores such as house cleaning, handyman work, or provide a TV mounting service.

For independent contractors, the platform is a flexible way to earn some extra cash using the skills they already have.

Some of the popular categories for Taskers include:

  • Moving
  • Furniture assembly
  • Personal assistance
  • Delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Handyman

What are the requirements to work for TaskRabbit?

To start using TaskRabbit, you’ll need to see if it’s available in your city. It’s currently available in 39 metro areas. You’ll also need to meet a few eligibility requirements.

  • Must be 21 years old and above.
  • Must have the skills required to see the job at hand done correctly.
  • Have access to fast and reliable means of transport to provide services and gain access to a wide variety of tasks.
  • Avail themselves to a background check and pass.
  • Provide social security number and bank checking account.
  • Have a Facebook or LinkedIn page.

How do you earn money on TaskRabbit?

After signing up and getting accepted, you’ll have the freedom to bid on specific tasks you want to do. If you win the bid, you’ll be paid the amount of the bid plus any reimbursements after you’ve done the job. Once you have $25 in your account, you can hit the “withdraw” option. The options for payment include a paper check or Paypal.

How much money can you make on TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit spokesperson Kathryn Kelly has claimed that “Taskers can make as much as they want to work.” This is marketing speak, in the sense of not being entirely true.

Taskers with common skills, like cleaning or delivery, make from about $16 to $30 an hour.

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Pros of working for TaskRabbit

  • Set your own hours; set your own rates. Only doing work that you are comfortable and familiar with.
  • Ability to work for multiple companies
  • Hourly pay can top $30 for more experienced workers
  • Freedom from the constraints of a 9-to-5 office job

Cons of working for TaskRabbit

  • Income is unreliable and unpredictable
  • Pay can be insufficient (hourly average is $18)
  • No health insurance, disability or retirement
  • You need reliable transportation to complete many types of gigs.
  • You need to pay a $20 registration fee to get started.

How do I sign up to work for TaskRabbit?

Got all those resources and information described above? Passed your background check? Great! Now you can register to be a Tasker! Now it’s time to sign up for the gigs that fit your skillset. TaskRabbit will even give you access to an Info Session to prepare you for the next steps.

What is the website for TaskRabbit?


TaskRabbit App

The mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS, but you’ll need to visit the TaskRabbit Tasker App website to download it for your platform.


TaskRabbit is a modernized Jobs Board with greatly expanded features, but it’s not perfect. The company is not highly responsive to either clients or workers and offers bare-bones support outside the platform. The service does reduce scamming, however, and provides a way to manage the critical problems of screening applicants and getting paid.

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