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Teachaway Review

Compensation :  $14-$23/hr 
Skills Needed : Teaching
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is TеасhAwау Rеviеw?

TeachAway is an online community of tutors and students. Unlike other online tutoring platforms such as TutorVista. TeachAway is a marketplace where tutors are not bound to a strict schedule.

It is based in Canada in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, the USA, UK, and Australia. TeachAway has been around since 2003, which is a good indication that they’re doing something right.

That doesn’t mean there are no complaints, but it’s usually a good sign when a company (especially an online company) survives and continues to grow over many years.

How does TеасhAwау Rеviеw work?

TeachAway is excellent for someone with an outgoing personality who loves to teach and, of course, wants to work from home.

For people who are merely looking for a way to make money online, TeachAway can provide that opportunity, but this is still a job. You can make your own schedule, but you can’t leverage the web to earn a significant income.

You’re still trading your hours for dollars and getting paid once for the work you do.

A big reason people turn to the internet to make money is that it allows you to multiply your efforts online in ways you can’t offline. If you created a course, for example, rather than teaching the same material over and over, you would teach it once (for your course), and you could earn passive income on that course for many years to come.

What are the requirements to work for TеасhAwау Rеviеw?

TeachAway does NOT have any specific educational requirements, and you don’t have to be a certified teacher.

This will be great news for some and not so great for others.

If you do have a list of qualifications and certifications, it can help you stand out in the marketplace but you will also be competing with less qualified tutors willing to charge a lot less.

How do you earn money on TеасhAwау Rеviеw?<

Whether you’re new to tutoring or an established pro, listing your services on TeachAway is the most effective way to build and manage your own successful tutoring business.

How much money can you make on TеасhAwау Rеviеw?

You set your own rates

Pros of working for TеасhAwау Rеviеw

  • The TeachAway marketplace is not pay-for-play. You’re not competing with tutors who pay for preferential listings.
  • They provide both online and in-person tutoring services.
  • It’s a “business-in-a-box” type opportunity for freelance tutors.
  • Free to join.
  • You get found by a wide range of visitors.
  • Better than working for Tutoring companies who pay peanuts.
  • Something is better than nothing.

Cons of working for TеасhAwау Rеviеw

  • They take around 20% of what you charge for every session.
  • Fierce Competition.
  • While most reviews are positive, there are still a surprising number of NOT so positive ones. The reports of tutors being declined and dropped without reason without an ability to fix the situation point to a more significant issue within TeachAway. Whether it’s just a communication or management issue or something shady going on, we don’t know.

How do I sign up to work for TеасhAwау Rеviеw?

You can create an account by clicking “Register” at the top of the page on teachaway.com. A series of forms will guide you through the rest of the process.

What is the website for TеасhAwау Rеviеw?


TеасhAwау App

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Set your rates low. How low depends on you, but start low to get students and build up your profile on TeachAway.

Respond to requests immediately. Faster response times will rank you higher in searches. Install the TeachAway app to get notifications on messages and new student requests.

Focus on excellent student experience to get better ratings and reviews. Don’t submit any lessons that you feel you didn’t do a great job helping the student. And don’t be afraid to ask for student feedback and request reviews after you’ve done a few sessions with the student.

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Last updated : 6/2/2023

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