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Thinkific Review

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What is Thinkific

Thinkific allows you to distribute, build, manage, and market and your courses online. It serves as a body for all your web pages as well as the equivalent course content. Plus, it provides equipment for connecting with learners, selling your sessions, and controlling the supply process.

How does Thinkific work?

Thinkific is an excellent online course building company that typically offers you the features you need from beginning to end. It includes the course selling, marketing, building, student/teacher management.

Thinkific does not host courses on your website. Your content is hosted on Thinkific (so it’s not up to you to go out and find your hosting), but it still gives you absolute control over what your website looks like.

What are the requirements for listing on Thinkific?

1. To start with, have a course to teach.

2. Have the legal right to teach it, and be able to navigate simple commands to post on Thinkific’s website

How do you earn money on Thinkific?

Have you organized the chapters logically? And have you uploaded all the lessons to their respective sections? Other than that, is the landing page attractive enough to bring sales and visitors? How about the price? Would you consider it adequately competitive?

Ok, now that everything is already in place and ready to roll, you can finally publish your preferred courses. Just click the “PUBLISH” tab of the course editor.

How much money can you make on Thinkific?

As you can already tell, the amount of money that can be earned on this site directly equals a few different things.

  • The effort putting into your courses
  • The courses you offer
  • The prices of the courses
  • The number of people you can get to sign up
  • How well you are marketing

Pros of listing on Thinkific

  • It is one of the LMS platforms that offer permanently free packages. It is perfect for sampling the features available for the premium plans.
  • The platform does not charge transaction fees on the payments made by beginners to access course content.
  • You can edit and customize your website and course pages quickly based on your desired outlook. And the process of coding skills is not required.
  • However, if you’re an expert at coding, Thinkific allows you to go deep into the underlying theme HTML and CSS for complicated tweaks.
  • Thinkific can serve as an online course host and then link it to your custom domain.
  • Thinkific contains a neat voice tool that helps you supplement PowerPoint presentations with voice-overs.

Cons of listing on Thinkific

  • You won’t get a course marketplace for promoting and selling your courses to a ready audience. Marketing your online sessions is entirely up to you.
  • Although Thinkific comes with various third-party email integrations, it doesn’t provide its default email marketing tool.
  • Thinkific mostly prioritizes on email support. There are no quick options like live chat.
  • Thinkific can be costly to beginners.

How do I sign up to list on Thinkific?

Firstly, click on the Create new course tile to create your first course. You will be directed to the course editor where you can design your course’s landing page, create the curriculum, add tutors, and change the course’s settings. You’ll see all of the design changes in real-time, and you can preview the course as a student so that everything looks excellent before launch day.

What is the website for Thinkific?

Does Thinkific have an app?

No available app


If you are in search of a unique platform through which you can build your online courses while growing your brand, Thinkific is the option to consider. You will have full control of the information on all your students. This serves as an ideal platform for experienced instructors who want to advance their teaching careers.

Thinkific is dependent, and as such, all the information will be on your website. There are marketing efforts that would be required so as for you to sell your courses, and as such, it may not be best for beginners. You can now share all your courses through this excellent platform, and you can select the price plan that suits your needs.

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