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Threadless Review

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What is Threadless?

The idea behind Threadless’s business is quite simple: site users submit their designs, potential customers vote for them, and the best ones end up in production to be sold online.

Over the years, the company has received more than 300,000 designs, of which it has printed about 3,000, according to founder Jake Nickell. And for some of its most popular designs, the company has expanded from printing designs to other products, such as coffee mugs, bags, iPhone cases, and other accessories.

How does Threadless work?

Threadless, one of the most popular places to get artistic t-shirt prints, sells your art differently than others. Instead of setting up a store on-site, submit your designs for one of the site-design challenges.

Your design will be rated by people from all over the World. If they like it, Threadless will turn it into a t-shirt design and do all the heavy lifting to get your art out there.

What are the requirements to sell onThreadless?

  • To sell your art on, you simply have to open an artist shop and start uploading your designs.
  • Your submission must be 1,200 pixels wide, 1,200 pixels high, and 72 dpi.
  • Save your file as a jpg.

How do you earn money on Threadless?

Unlike some of the other online high-end art galleries, this site does not allow you to submit any artwork that you desire. Instead, send in your designs, and if the Threadless team likes it, they’ll put it on their merchandise.

How much money can you make on Threadless?

Top sellers on Threadless earnover $2,000 per month

Pros of selling on Threadless

  • Artist Shops is 100% free, and you never have to worry about printing or inventory again.
  • You can set up a store in a limited time and manage products and sales from anywhere in World.
  • If you are into blogging or a small business, you can add some quality products to your website for a little extra revenue and exposure.
  • You earn money every time a product is sold and save the time and hassle of shipping it.

Cons of selling on Threadless

  • This is hugely frustrating because many talented designers actually use it, hoping to earn something from their creative work.
  • It may take time for earnings to reach your account.
  • Difficult to make a full-time living with.

How do I sign up to sell for Threadless?

Click on the “Sell Your Art” button, and you will get a page asking you to fill in the required account information. You can sign up for Threadless here.

What is the website for Threadless?

Does Threadless have an app?

The Threadless app is only available for iOS.


Having said all that, there is nothing wrong with creating an artist store. After all, it is free. The process should be able to give you a basic idea about eCommerce setup and sales tracking. However, if you are new to online selling, don’t expect to make sales right away.

As mentioned above, you must participate in your own marketing to see the results. Since Threadless does not provide a blogging platform, you may need to explore other alternatives or integrate a blog into the pre-existing store.

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