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Thredup Review

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What is ThredUp?

ThredUp is promoted as the world’s largest online thrift store. The platform was founded in 2009 and now houses more than 35,000 unique brands with more than 30,000 new listings per day. Most of their clothes fall under the category of women’s and children’s clothing, but you can also find some deals in the types of shoes, bags, and men’s clothing.

How does ThredUp work?

If you are looking to clean your closet and sell some clothes on the side, ThredUp makes it easy for you. Start by determining whether you want to be paid for your clothes or if you want to donate all items ($5/bag donated to the charity of your choice) and order the cleanout it that matches your preference.

ThredUp sends you a durable plastic bag with a prepaid shipping label for you to put all your stuff. You send your clothes to them; they sort through your closet for qualifying listings; they handle all the posting, pricing, and selling for you.

What are the requirements to sell for ThredUp?

So when you sign up for a ThredUp account, you can go to the top of your ThredUp toolbar to locate “My Account,” where you can request a cleanout bag.

Once you get the kit, fill it with everything you want to sell. Remember, you can’t sell almost anything on ThredUp. You can learn more about it here.

They will then review your items and choose what can be sold and then send the rest back to you at a fee. They will send you an email with the amount you expect to get from these items, after deducting all the seller fees.

How do you earn money on ThredUp?

To start selling on ThredUp: go to their website and click on the green CLEAN OUT tab. From there, you will click the ORDER A FREE KIT button. By choosing your kit, you can choose to donate your clothing or earn money from it. The next option you have is processing, which you can select expedited processing for $ 16.00 (which means they will process your clothes within a week of arrival), or you can choose free standard processing.

How much money can you make on ThredUp?

According to ThredUp, approximately 40% of your items will be accepted, and from that, you will get 5% to 80% of what an item sells based on its list price (this is for up-front payouts). For consignment items, you’ll get 20% to 95% of what an item sells based on its listing price.

Pros of selling for ThredUp

  • Doing it online is a convenient way to clean your closet without having to transport items to physical stores.
  • ThredUp makes it easy to ship your used clothes and get paid right away.
  • ThredUp payment estimator gives you a good idea of the value of your second-hand clothes.
  • If you don’t want cash, you can also convert earnings to credits and shop (for free) on ThredUp.
  • Having the ability to see sales from start to finish helps you track the progress of an item in the crowded marketplace.
  • Adjusting the price to your liking is also a good thing, even if you are only given little time to do this. Better than nothing.

Cons of selling for ThredUp

  • Sometimes the evaluation portion takes time, and you can wait for several months to find out what your payout (if any) will be.
  • The pay is not huge, especially with out-of-style or dated clothes.
  • ThredUp returns come in the form of store credit, so you are giving them your earnings no matter what.
  • Credit expires quickly

How do I sign up to sell for ThredUp?

Signing up for a ThredUp account is very easy. You can use your email account, Facebook, or Google to do it. Once you sign up, you will be asked if you want a little help setting up your “closet.”

What is the website for ThredUp?

Does ThredUp have an app?

ThredUp vendor app is available for iOS and Android.


ThredUp is one of the best ways to get the most value out of your old clothes, shoes, and accessories. ThredUp may produce the best profits with minimal effort, but unfortunately, it costs $10 to figure it out. And you can get your unlisted items back from ThredUp, but that service costs an additional $11, and you have to pay for it when you order your Cleaning Kit, making the extra cost even more of a gamble.

Our best advice is to wait until you have enough to justify the cost of a $10 cleaning kit.

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