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Toptal Review

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What is Toptal? is an online crowdsourcing platform with a strong focus on services that require subject matter expertise and experience. The site is home to a highly-skilled talent base that typically occupies positions at the upper echelons of management and operations. Senior-level jobs such as product managers, project engineers, and finance experts are just some of the types of opportunities typically listed on Toptal.

The company started in November 2010 and launched the current platform in 2011. Since 2015, it has grown dramatically to become the number 1 remote company globally as of 2020.

How does Toptal work?

Whether you are a freelance designer, financial expert, product manager, or project manager, you can find hourly, part-time or full-time work at Toptal. The catch is Toptal has a rigorous selection process, which means that typically only the top 3 percent of freelance talent that applies is accepted.

This is best suited for talented freelancers who have some prior experience under their belt. However, if you are accepted, you can be sure that you will receive competitive compensation.

What are the requirements to work for Toptal?

All of the requirements to work with Toptal depend on the position you are applying for, but you can predict all common-sense requirements based on the job. As a programmer, you must have coding experience, perhaps certification or training, and the ability to demonstrate your skills. As an expert in your field, you certainly have what it takes to qualify.

How do you earn money on Toptal?

Toptal hires freelancers from various industries to join its stable of remote workers ready to go after their clients.

You will find five top industries listed on the Toptal home page: Developers, Designers, Finance Experts, Project Managers, and Product Managers.

How much money can you make on Toptal?

There is no official word from Toptal on how much they pay their freelancers, so we can’t give you exact information on that. However, doing a little research through Google and checking Glassdoor suggests that Toptal’s wages seem to average around $30 per hour.

Pros of working for Toptal

  • You can apply for any job on the site that allows you to meet and interact with many clients.
  • As a general rule, all Toptal workers work remotely. However, if a client requests that a specialist work physically on-site, this can be arranged, but rarely, as most prefer remote work.
  • Every Toptal payment goes through Escrow.
  • Everything a freelancer does on the platform is private. This privacy includes your Intellectual Property (I.P.) and all related data.
  • You can choose your work hours. TopTal has three work schedules, part-time, full time, and hourly.

Cons of working for Toptal

  • Toptal is a highly competitive market.
  • Platform’s customer support team and its inability to resolve complex issues its customers encounter are among the most prevalent complaints seen in almost all negative Toptal reviews.
  • The platform charges clients an hourly rate, which is almost double the rate of a freelancer. For example, if a freelancer earns an hourly rate of $50, the customer will pay approximately $100.

How do I sign up to work for Toptal?

From the main page, press the green Apply As A Freelancer button. You will be taken to a segment where you can select what type of freelancer you are from your top five industries (Developers, Designers, Finance Experts, Project Managers, and Product Managers). You will also provide your name, email address and register with Toptal to continue.

What is the website for Toptal?

Does Toptal have an app?

No available app


Toptal is for professionals. If you are one, this is probably an excellent place for you. If you don’t have substantial experience yet, then it might be better to start somewhere else.

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