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Tours By Locals Review

Compensation :  $8-$12/hr 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Tours By Locals?

Tours By Locals offer half-day or full-day tours. These tours may include surfing safaris, guided skiing experiences, city attractions, cultural experiences, mountain hikes, photo tours, culinary tours, cycling, ecotourism, adventure tours, shore excursions, or just about anything else one can imagine. It is a brilliant way to experience the world.

Tours By Locals was founded by Paul Melhus and Dave Vincent in 2008. This peer-to-peer shared economy business is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, but operates worldwide. Currently, there are more than 1500 tour guides offering thousands of different tours in more than 136 countries. These tour guides have provided exceptional local experiences to almost 400,000 travelers.

How do Tours By Locals work?

Tours By Locals is an online company where “guides” create guided tours online for extra money.

Most people who sign up for Tours By Locals are those who have an active online presence or who are known throughout their town or city for a particular talent or expertise. These individuals are what Tours By Locals refer to as guides, which is their word for the virtual tour guide.

What are the requirements to work at Tours By Locals?

  • Be outgoing, organized, and willing to tour strangers around your hometown;
  • Have expertise in a specific topic that provides the basis of your journey.
  • Liability insurance is advisable
  • Pass a phone interview
  • Pass a criminal background check

How do you earn money on Tours By Locals?

Tours By Locals will also work with you, the virtual guide, to help select and organize tours and activities for tourists. Your role will almost be that of a virtual guide/travel consultant at the time, as you may be asked about restaurants or other area attractions.

How much money can you make on Tours By Locals?

That will depend on you and your qualifications. You have the flexibility to set your prices, and there are guidelines to help you determine your rate.

Pros of working for Tours By Locals

  • If you’re in a rut at your current job, here’s a chance to do something different every day.
  • You are an independent contractor. This means that you are not an employee of any company.
  • You have the opportunity to travel. A lot!
  • You meet people from around the world.
  • You are very rarely in an office.

Cons of working for Tours By Locals

  • Wait a minute, wasn’t this a pro of being a tour guide? Yes and no. Being an independent contractor means that if you are not working, you are not being paid.
  • Most tour operators (there are a few exceptions) in the United States do not provide health benefits to their independent contractors.
  • Even during your downtime–whether that be tucked away in a cafe for lunch or your hotel room for a few hours before a group dinner–you are working.

How do I sign up to work on Tours By Locals?

Click on Tourist Guide at the bottom of the website to get started.

What is the website for Tour By Locals?

Does Tour By Locals have an app?

There are no apps available.


This is a legitimate website that allows you to work as an independent agent or travel agent in your own country. You can join the site, offer travel packages, and deals with anyone traveling to your specific location. The company is responsible for collecting payment and paying directly to your bank account 24 hours after you have completed your tour. Also, as a free agent, insider, or guide, you can set your prices, set your hours, and accept or reject any clients you want.

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