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Traveling Spoon Review

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Category : Cooking
Skills Needed : Cooking , Food Handling
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Traveling Spoon?

Traveling Spoon is a fast-growing San Francisco-based startup that connects travelers with authentic food experiences, from home-cooked meals to cooking lessons, in people’s homes. They launched in July 2013 with 65 curated, vetted hosts in India, Thailand, and Vietnam, expanding their expertise to China and Japan soon.

Travel Spoon’s mission is to facilitate meaningful travel experiences by connecting travelers with locals, in their homes, around food.

How does Traveling Spoon work?

Travelers book sessions on the Traveling Spoon website and reserve the in-home meals, cooking classes, or market tours in advance. Once registered, guests connect with vetted locals who demonstrate how to cook their home-cooked food, share the stories behind culinary traditions, and passed down recipes, before everyone sits down and eats together.

Are you a talented home cook and passionate about the cultural traditions that make your cuisine unique? Traveling Spoon offers home-cooked meals with selected hosts, home cooking lessons, and market tours to more than 110 destinations worldwide.

What are the requirements to work on Traveling Spoon?

  • Food handling license;
  • Clean kitchen.
  • A dining area that can comfortably accommodate guests;
  • Be prepared to undergo personal or virtual inspections.

How do you earn money on Traveling Spoon?

Traveling Spoon allows you to register as a host to set menus, prices, tables, and cook meals to serve in your home.

How much money can you make on Traveling Spoon?

Like on Airbnb, hosts set their own prices, and then Traveling Spoon marks up the experience by anywhere from 18 to 35 percent.

Pros of listing for Traveling Spoon

  • Are you considering opening your own restaurant? Traveling Spoon might be an excellent way to start.
  • Traveling Spoon makes safety a key priority to ensure that travelers and hosts are protected.
  • The site allows you to register as a host to cook and serve meals in your home.
  • You can specify the date, the menu, the number of guests you can accommodate, and the price.

Cons of listing for Traveling Spoon

  • The service is modern and has not yet provided much feedback from the hosts.
  • Traveling Spoon more experience and preparation, possibly also additional servers
  • There’s only a handful of information about the company

How do I sign up to work for Traveling Spoon?

To become a host, you can do it here.

What is the website for Traveling Spoon?

Does Traveling Spoon have an app?

There are no apps available.


Just as Lyft and Uber have replaced taxis and Airbnb reduced demand for hotel rooms, Traveling Spoon may be the smart service that is having a massive impact on the restaurant industry.

The site connects diners to pop-up dining experiences and provides hosts with a platform (and even physical space) to promote themselves and their unique themed dinners.

They now have hosts, 85% of whom are women, in 110 cities in 44 countries (including India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Morocco), dishing out more than 1,000 different dining experiences.

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