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What is

Looking to offer entitles with your products? eTitles are created at the time a product is manufactured. deals with authentication and registration system to protect consumers and brands with a new standard for verifying authenticity.

It is the authorized platform that deals with issuing store and tracks transferrable electronic titles “eTitles,” which makes the merchandise sold by authorized retailers be authentic. is a flexible and transparent platform. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) helps securely track an item’s ownership from assembly even to the sales point.

How does work? is a service that has established itself as the new industry standard for product verification and authentication.

It is an anti-counterfeiting solution that provides secure and transferable electronic titles (eTitles) for luxury products.

Each piece is assigned a serial number by the manufacturer during production, and a unique eTitle will be created for each item under the brand registers the serial numbers with

eTitle eligible to tracks every change in ownership as the item travels down the supply chain

With any tablet device, a sales associate can access the point-of-sale application to display the eTitle and verify the item’s condition, authenticity, and provenance when working with a customer

Enter the serial number of an item you own or are attempting to buy to confirm its authenticity.

What are the requirements to work for

What required is to have an industry established by self with the right product, become a manufacturer, having a brand, or product changing in ownership.

How do you earn money on

The only way to earn money on is when you become their retailer or one of their agents.

How much money can you make on

When it comes to payment on, it is not specified, payment depending on the amount of goods producer or manufacturer bringing out to be verified and authenticated. This means the more substantial the goods, the higher money to be pay to a retailer.

Pros of working for

  • Authorized retailers provide eTitles, and retailer shop offering eTitles can be found near you.
  • Protect brand by allowing customers to verify your items’ authenticity at any time
  • Your internal visibility and chain security supply will be Improve
  • There would be different between authorized retailers and unauthorized retailers
  • Customer will be protected from buying stolen goods in the pre-owned market with real-time theft reporting

Cons of working for

  • Though it might be very tough to confirm the authenticity through the online platform
  • And concerning the retailer shops, might not be true as stated earlier, which means might not be accessible to fine around as you think.

How do I sign up to work for

To sign up, visit the account registration page and input a few details (name, email address, and password) to create the account.

What is the website for App

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People that have had experience with trusted confirm how it works. is only a secure online marketplace for genuine and authentic products from premier global luxury brands. It is a leader in anti-counterfeiting and product authentication services enabling a marketplace that puts the trust back into the online buying experience. Shop authentic products from authorized dealers on today. Rating

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