Truxx Review | How to make money on Truxx

Truxx Review

Compensation :  $35-$49/hr 
Skills Needed : Driving , Moving HelpDrive
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Truxx?

Truxx is a mobile app that connects people who have a pickup truck or van with nearby people who need help to move, transport, tow, send and deliver large items over short distances. The company was formed in June 2015 by founder and CEO Carlos Suárez. He found that he and many people he knew rented a truck several times a year to move or buy items that were too big to fit in the back of a small car.

Drivers are local truck or van owners who have been thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to join the Truxx platform and are rated by users. Drivers make money using their vehicles and helping people in their communities who need their help.

How does Truxx work?

Truxx charges $25 for 30 minutes for the use of a vehicle and its driver, with the property owner to be transported doing all the loading and unloading.

Assistance adds $10 per 30 minutes to the charge. People requesting the service must provide an image of the property to be transported so participating vehicle owners can decide if their vehicles are suitable and if they are willing to help if so requested.

The company gets a 30 percent cut in the basic service fee, while drivers receive reimbursed for any tolls they pay while transporting customers’ property. They also keep the total amount of tips they receive.

What are the requirements to work for Truxx?

Drivers register with Truxx, and the company conducts a driving record and background check. Once they are approved, they can start making moves.

How do you earn money on Truxx?

If you have a truck, van, or trailer and want to use it to help people in your community move, you can sign up with Truxx to find gigs.

How much money can you make on Truxx?

The price ranges from $25 to $35 for half an hour, depending on whether they need help loading or not.

Pros of working for Truxx

  • The main reason that more drivers sign up to drive for Truxx is the flexibility of work hours. No time clocks to punch as you can drive when optimal for your situation. The hours you want to drive and in which area is entirely up to the driver.
  • Decent pay if you can get the miles.
  • Meet many new people. Truck stops, drop-off, and pickup points, and even other motorists allow you to meet new and exciting people.

Cons of working for Truxx

  • Little or no downtime. When you’re on the road, you’re under the gun, speeding up the clock and trying to keep your truck greasy-side down.
  • It sounds good to drive for Truxx, but the wear and tear you put on your vehicle doing this gig will significantly affect your earnings.
  • Unlike a regular job with a predictable weekly paycheck, driving for Truxx earnings is very unpredictable. Some days the money will flow continuously, while other days, you are continually checking to see if your Truxx app is working correctly due to lack of riders.

How do I sign up to work for Truxx?

Download the Truxx application and register as a driver through our application

What is the website for Truxx?

Does Truxx have an app?

To schedule move requests or to register and earn money as one of the many drivers on the expanding platform. The Truxx application is available for the iOS App Store or Android Play.


If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money on the go and help people move, Truxx is one of the best opportunities to earn in the gig economy.

But you should be aware that Truxx does not guarantee the work to its drivers. The amount of work available in your area and the vehicle you own is always an essential factor in securing jobs.

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