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Ubereats.com Review

Compensation :  $8-$12 / hr 
Skills Needed : Food Delivery, Food Handling
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Ubereats.com?

If you are not willing to cook today, don’t worry, there are some better options for you. If you are too lazy to go out to your favorite restaurant, Ubereats has it covered for you.

Ubereats is an online food ordering platform where you can order food from your favorite restaurant with the help of your smartphone. The Ubereats delivery boy will deliver the food at your doorstep without charging any extra delivery charges from you i.e., the customer.

The delivery service of Ubereats is not free. But the customer does not have to pay any extra charges. Ubereats takes almost 30% commission of the product delivered from the restaurant owner.

Where Does Ubereats.com Offer Services

Ubereats is offering the delivery services in all cities of hundreds of countries all over the world.

How does Ubereats.com work?

The primary purpose of this food ordering app is to facilitate customers and restaurants. The process of ordering food from Ubereats is straightforward as you just need to sign up from your mobile. You need to order your food from any restaurant given on the Ubereats app, and the Ubereats delivery boy will pick up food from the restaurant and will deliver at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.

Ubereats.com Delivery Charges

Well, there are no delivery charges for Ubereats that a customer is going to pay. The restaurant or the food point is responsible for paying the delivery charges of the Ubereats delivery service. If a restaurant charges $10 for a chicken burger, you will have to pay only $10. The Ubereats will deduct a 30% commission from the $10 that you are paying to the restaurant. So technically, Ubereats delivery is free for the customers.

Pros of working for Ubereats.com

  • You can get your food delivered at your doorstep
  • No need to go out and wait in long lines at famous cafes
  • The ordering process of Ubereats is really simple
  • There are no delivery charges for the food ordered through Ubereats app
  • Almost all the local restaurants are offering Ubereats delivery services

For Restaurants

  • No need to hire extra personals for the delivery services
  • Ubereats delivery service is an economical service for small businesses
  • Reach hundreds of new customers through the app
  • Getting amazing discounts at Ubereats

Cons of working for Ubereats.com

  • Sometimes the food may not be as described in the menu
  • The delivery time can exceed the given time due to traffic or any other technical reason

For restaurants

  • The delivery charges of Ubereats are comparatively high as compared to other services
  • The commission is to be paid from the cost of the product
  • For the promotion of your business, Ubereats can charges up to 50% of the sale


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Ubereats is one of the best food ordering apps right now. There are several other great options too like you can leave comments, notes, and tips for the delivery boy. Your favorite is now just a few taps away from your door. The delivery services of Ubereats are pretty reliable and fast. If you encounter any issue with your food or delivery, you can contact Ubereats customer support, and they are available 24/7.

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