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Upcounsel.com Review

Compensation :  $125-$3200/task 
Skills Needed : Counseling , Law
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is UpCounsel.com?

Are you running a small business, and hiring a full-time lawyer seems like an expensive deal? If you don’t want to get in trouble in your business deals, having a legal advisor on your team can save your day. UpCounsel aims to provide legal assistance to startups and entrepreneurs.

You can post your legal issue at UpCounsel, and within no time, legal teams or advisors will get back to you with their offers. You can choose the legal service of any lawyer as per your personal needs. After going through the offers, you can hire a legal advisor to take care of your legal work.


UpCounsel is initially offering the services California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

How does UpCounsel.com work?


The process of hiring a lawyer or freelance law firm has become really easy with UpCounsel. You can hire a lawyer for a specific time, or you can hire a permanent freelance team of lawyers to assist you in all kinds of legal issues.

You just need to post the details of your issue on the UpCounsel, and the related service providers will send you to offer. Different layers and firms charge different fees depending upon their own experience and qualification. If any offer suits your budget and requirements, you can accept the offer and hire that service provider for your issue. There are no time limitations for hiring services at UpCounsel.


The pricing on UpCounsel can vary depending upon many factors like:

  • Experience of the lawyer
  • The complexity of the legal issue
  • The timeframe for the given task
  • Location of the business

Most of the lawyers get paid after completing the task, but some might ask for a little advance too depending upon the nature of the task. The estimated pricing at UpCounsel is given below:


Services from Estimated Cost at UpCounsel
LLC $500
Corporation $1000 (including filing fee)
Contract $125 to $250 per hour
File for a patent $1200 to $3200
File for a trademark $645
Immigration visa Starts from $2750
Securities and finance Starts from $200 per hour


Pros of working for UpCounsel.com

  • Hire freelance lawyers instead of full-time law firms
  • There are no limits of time to hire a lawyer
  • Get access to the world’s top-class lawyers
  • No need to pay a lawyer full-time when you can have the task done in days

Cons of working for UpCounsel.com

  • The cost of services from UpCounsel might be expensive for individuals
  • There is no phone customer support at UpCounsel. So, you have to contact by email only

What is the website for UpCounsel.com?



If you are involved in some kind of legal issue anywhere, don’t worry as the legal services from UpCounsel are always there. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on a legal firm, you can hire a lawyer, especially for any particular task. These lawyers are highly experienced and can take care of all kinds of legal documentation.

If you have a complex legal cases and your local lawyer is not able to handle proficiently, UpCounsel can provide you on-demand legal solutions to businesses and individuals.

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