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Urban Sitter

Compensation :  $14.75/hr 
Category : Caregiving
Skills Needed : Caregiving
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Urban Sitter?

Are you searching for a caretaker or nanny for your little one? Innovations in technology have introduced us to a whole new world of convenience. If one is willing to find a baby sitter, he does not need to go out, instead, various online nanny booking apps would help you get the best baby sitter out there for your baby. They have all the information regarding the baby sitter and thus it helps us to choose among the given options.

Urban Sitter is a US-based baby sitter booking app that was originated in 2010 and is constantly succeeding because of its services for its worthy customers. The urban sitter has access to 60 cities in the USA today. It’s noteworthy that the app despite its availability in the USA only has more than 150,000 babysitters at the moment. It depicts that the Urban Sitter is gaining prosperity day by day.

How does Urban Sitter work?

The Urban Sitter, which is mainly a babysitter booking app was launched for the sake of taking care of the babies that have busy parents. When they go to their workplaces, they take the babies to kindergarten. But kindergarten is not a long-term solution as they have no nighttime and whole day long services available. This booking app helps the parents to hire the nannies and babysitters for as long as they want. The Urban Sitter has a lot of features that help both the parents and nannies. There is a “sign up” option on the website of the Urban Sitter and then the nannies and parents can opt if they are looking for a job or a nanny for their kid and sign up.

The nannies have to enter all their details and personal documents so that there are no chances of any malicious intent. This helps to develop the trust between the babysitter and the parents, and they are satisfied that their baby is in safe hands.

What are the requirements to work for Urban Sitter?

There are various demands of the parents regarding their child’s welfare and security. These needs are supposed to be fulfilled by the website when hiring the babysitters. So, all newly registered nannies must provide all their personal information and data to make sure in their decency. The following basic features are required if you are willing to be a nanny or babysitter:

  • Your ID verification must be done before hiring. It serves as an important factor to increase the trust between you and the parents and to ensure that you are reliable.
  • The skills that are necessary for childcare must be known to you so that the child can easily be managed.
  • Your communication skills must be exceptional to understand what the child wants to do. Supervision of the children safety and the organization of the mealtimes must be carefully done.
  • The good hygienic measures must be taken and the diapers of the toddlers must be changed when needed.
  • You need to make a schedule for the children to ensure that they take part in physical and mental activities and take proper rest.

How do you earn money on Urban Sitter?

The following techniques can help you to earn a good amount of money from Urban Sitter:

  • The Urban Sitter offers many deals like life in nannies and night nannies. The life in nannies can make more money as the parents take responsibility for their room and board in addition to their wages. The night nannies provide their services at night so that their extended duty helps them earn more money.
  • Baby sitters having CPR training can get more money as they know how to deal with emergencies.

How much money can you make on Urban Sitter?

Average Urban Sitter hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.75 and this amount is approximately the national average.

Pros of working for Urban Sitter

  • The working parents can go to work with ease by booking a nanny for their children.
  • You can have a backup nanny when required.
  • The hiring prices are usually very affordable.
  • The nighttime baby sitters can help you sleep better after a tiring day.
  • Urban sitter provides greater opportunities for a part-time job.
  • The nannies can take proper care by promising the security of your children.

Cons of working for Urban Sitter

  • The nannies sometimes may not come on time that messes up the routine of your children.
  • Babysitters are mostly not flexible and can cause trouble.
  • Some nannies might not match your child’s personality like they can be rude and unpleasant.

How do I sign up to work for Urban Sitter?

Urban Sitter is a convenient way to hire nannies and caretakers for your children. You don’t need to visit offices just sign up on the application and website of Urban Sitter. The sign-up process is not complicated rather it is elementary.

What is the website for Urban Sitter?


Urban Sitter App



The babysitting booking apps are introducing a completely new world of security and safety for your children. The parents can get more peace of mind and their children can survive under exclusive supervision. The nannies and parents can get to know each other through their given data and can choose the best for their children. The trusted environment is created among the parents and nannies that leads to a more soothing and anxiety-free environment.

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