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Varsity Tutors Review

Compensation :  $17.94-$18/hr 
Skills Needed : Teaching , Tutoring
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Varsity Tutors?

Founded in 2007, Varsity Tutors is a platform that connects students with expert tutors like you. It’s featured by big companies, including Fox, Time, and USA Today.

Varsity Tutors have helped a lot of students to get better grades; they also offer jobs for tutors.

How does Varsity Tutors work?

If you are proficient in something from grammar to law, you can turn that competence into a tutoring position with Varsity Tutors. The site, which hires tutors for in-person and online instruction, pays between $15 and $40 an hour. The tutors’ biggest knock against the site is that the $15 pay range is by far the most common.

Generally, you would need some advanced skills, such as the ability to tutor for advanced admissions tests, such as LSAT or GRE, to earn more.

What are the requirements to list for Varsity Tutors?

  • The great thing about Varsity Tutor is that you can become a tutor wherever you live in the United States.
  • To become a tutor, you need a solid academic background.
  • You will also need tutoring experience, pass a background check, and an evaluation process that will analyze your academic history.

How do you earn money on Varsity Tutors?

To earn money, you need advanced skills like tutoring for advanced admissions tests like the LSAT or GRE.

How much money can you make with Varsity Tutors?

The typical salary for college tutors is $19, tutors can range from $12 to $40 an hour, but according to many reviews, the most basic pay is $ 15/h.

Pros of working for Varsity Tutors

  • You have free reign over your schedule.
  • You get paid twice a week.
  • The company deals with many potentially complicated problems: online platform, technical support, direct deposits, tutors and students, etc.
  • Tutors are offered matching students and have the option to accept or decline.
  • They provide you with a decent group of students to choose from, and you can find some clients near your home, sometimes.

Cons of working for Varsity Tutors

  • VT does not compensate; it’s tutors enough.
  • Driving to different homes throughout the city and not receiving adequate payment
  • Sometimes opportunity details are inaccurate or lack details
  • A single platform sets itself apart from the rest, but we think they have work to do on their user interface and profile page.

How do I sign up to work for Varsity Tutors?

What is the website for Varsity Tutors?

Does Varsity Tutors have an app?

The application is available in Appstore and Playstore.


Work as many hours as you want! There are always more opportunities to fill up your schedule. The online platform is convenient for creating your program and keeping track of your students and their contact information. Great pay for a young adult getting their first job, but going to in-person appointments means a LOT to drive around town. On this platform, clients often cancel for various reasons, so you should stay flexible. It can be challenging to connect for instant online tutoring, as the opportunities are accepted extremely quickly by other tutors.

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