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VerbalizeIt Review

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What is VerbalizeIt?

Founded in 2011, this company required translators to be proficient in at least two languages.

Its goal is to provide work-class translation services and pride itself on having clients like Vimeo, Estee Lauder, Cielo24, and others.

You will have to pass multiple assessment tests before you can access the active job. Payment translates to $5 an hour and is paid on the 15th and 30th of each month through Paypal.

How does VerbalizeIt work?

VerbalizeIt uses a modern, easy-to-use site for fast delivery to companies that need translation work. It looks a lot like Uber for translation. VerbalizeIt hires you based on your performance of language skills tests and then connects you with the translation job.

Like driving in Uber or Lyft, you open your profile and make yourself available for work. VerbalizeIt offers you real-time jobs that you accept, reject, or ignore. Before getting a job, you must pass a language test and complete the training.

What are the requirements to work for VerbalizeIt?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply as a translator. No prior experience is required as a translator during the application.

How do you earn money on VerbalizeIt?

It is a legitimate company that can help you earn additional income if you are fluent in at least two languages in which VerbalizeIt offers translation services.

How much money can you make on VerbalizeIt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to find an accurate rate for the amount VerbalizeIt pays, but we know they pay per translation file and not per hour. In the forums, we’ve seen “low wages” mentioned several times, but not really sure how much of that.

Pros of working for VerbalizeIt

  • You do not need any formal qualifications.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world
  • Release payments twice a month.
  • You can only work on projects that interest you

Cons of working for VerbalizeIt

  • Their profiles/presence on social networks are not impressive.
  • Your ratings/reviews on Glassdoor are not remarkable.
  • The pay is not good

How do I sign up to work for VerbalizeIt?

If you visit their website, a “Become a Translator” button that you click takes you through the process. It’s free to register and takes a minute. You will then need to take a translation test.

What is the website for VerbalizeIt?

Does VerbalizeIt have an app?

The VerbalizeIt app is available for iOS and Android.


In general, VerbalizeIt can be a potential source of additional income if you are good at languages and have some time to spare. You can better your language skills while earning a few extra dollars.

It is a legitimate company, so it can be a flexible way to earn additional money.

Just take note that there is no guarantee of how much work you will get, and there is plenty of competition on the platform, so it won’t be easy to get a guaranteed income.

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