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VIP Voice Review

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Category : Surveys
Skills Needed : Answering Surveys 
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What is VIP Voice? is part of The NDP Group, a large market research company and is said to be one of the best. The NDP Group collects data via surveys and analyzes it to help other companies improve their strategies, sales, etc. Supposedly they are working with more than 2000 companies, activating in 20 industries.

VIP Voice is the source for collecting all of that data through surveys completed on its website. More than 3 million people are members of their community, and around 12 million surveys are completed each year.

The topics in these questionnaires can be anything related to beauty, fashion, food, entertainment, tech gadgets, and more.

How does VIP Voice work?

VIP Voice is special among paid survey sites. They do not reward participants with cash or gift cards for their time and participation. Instead, the platform issues points to its online community for completed surveys.

These points can be redeemed on other sites for auction offers or sweepstakes entries. While participating on VIP Voice may seem like a massive waste of time, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Participating in some surveys can give you a chance to win critical one-time prizes, some up to $5,000 in cash. If you are lucky and win these rare prizes in an auction or raffle, this victory can be significant and significantly increase your winnings.

Other prizes that are available for grab include various consumer products, movie tickets, a $5,000 VIP Voice scholarship, trips to vacation destinations, and Amazon gift cards.

What are the requirements to sign up on VIP Voice?

Joining VIP Voice is free for US and Canada residents. All you need is an email and password to apply. They will send you a confirmation link to your email, and once you confirm ownership of the email, you can start searching for surveys sent to your email.

How do you earn money on VIP Voice?

At VIP Voice, you don’t actually earn money or redeem points for cash or gift cards. Instead, earn points that you can use to enter sweepstakes (SweepLand) or auctions (BidLand).

SweepLand offers the opportunity to win prizes like cash, electronic products or vacations. BidLand allows members to bid on auctions for products and services.

How much money can you make on VIP Voice?

You will earn VIP points that will allow you to enter a raffle for a chance to win money. It is unclear how much money you can make with VIP Voice. You have to hope that you qualify for as many surveys as possible.

Pros of VIP Voice

  • The surveys on this site are straightforward to carry out.
  • The site design is very clear.
  • The site is secure and does not share your identifying information directly with other people.
  • There is a good variety of surveys that you can take here.

Cons of VIP Voice

  • VIP Voice rejects a cash system and sticks to its unique reward system.
  • You will not know many points that you should be paid if you decide to start work.
  • Survey invitation emails often do not exceed 2 in a week.

How do I sign up on VIP Voice?

Go to VIP Points and fill in your information. Click submit. Once you confirm your registration, you can start taking surveys. Plus, you’ll automatically enter into the VIP Voice’s $1,000 Registration Sweepstakes.

What is the website for VIP Voice?

Does VIP Voice have an app?

There are no apps available.


VIP Voice is not a scam. They are one of the research companies with more years of service. However, the fact that they don’t reveal how much you are earning, and they don’t pay cash, or even gift cards are a huge hassle.

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