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VIPKid Review

Compensation : 22/hr
Skills Needed : Teaching
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is VIPKid?

VIPKid is a China (and San Francisco) based company that connects children ages 4 to 12 with English speaking tutors based in the U.S. and Canada.

The platform was founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi. The online ESL platform serves more than 500,000 students and has over 60,000 teachers.

Teachers on VIPKid use their online portal to teach these children the English language using a curriculum based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

How does VIPKid work?

VIPKid is an online platform that links up Chinese students with English speakers from the United States and Canada. Via video conversations, teachers will guide students through premade slides and help them improve their English speaking and conversation skills.

VIPKID provides the lesson plans, and generally little, or no preparation is needed beyond reviewing the lesson. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to make or purchase props. Lessons are 25 minutes long, leaving five additional minutes to answer questions.

What are the requirements to work for VIPKid?

The VIPKid requirements are:

  • Native English speaker
  • Eligible to work in the USA or Canada
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 1+ years of experience in teaching, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, working with students
  • High-speed internet connection

How do you earn money on VIPKid?

As a VIPKid teacher, you earn cash from the comfort of your own home, while helping young people improve their English.

How much money can you make on VIPKid?

The rate at which you are paid depends on a couple of factors, but it is mainly based on how you do in the interview. The rate is $18-$22 per hour. There are several bonuses that you also get that are taken into account at that rate.

You even get paid extra for short classes notice. VIPKid also pays you for recruiting new teachers once you are hired.

Pros of working for VIPKid

  • VIPKid offers flexible work schedules and the ability to work from home to teachers.
  • As the VIPKid gives the organized information to teachers. The information is about the pre-planned lesson calendar that was very impressed by most teachers. Therefore, there is no need for preparation.
  • The payment offered by VIPKid is excellent, and the extras are also great.
  • The best you can find here are the students. They are very adorable and always looking to learn.

Cons of working for VIPKid

  • It is not as flexible as mentioned. Once your schedule is submitted, you cannot make any changes to it, despite having personal problems.
  • VIPKid application process is quite long. Based on the few comments we saw, one may find some inconsistency in the hiring process.
  • As mentioned above, the students are mainly from China. But the teacher can be anywhere on the planet. China’s peak hours are not the same for people in the U.S., which means teachers have to work during some unusual hours (early in the morning, late at night).
  • As we already know, online platforms do not work with smartphones or tablets. If there is no desktop computer available to you, this will not work for you. There are also some technical issues that we can find here.

How do I sign up to work for VIPKid?

Once the application process is complete, you will face an interview with the VIPKid recruiter.

What is the website for VIPKid?

Does VIPKid have an app?

The VIPKid mobile app is only available for both iOS and Android.


If you are interested in making money from home, VIPKID is a perfect option. Flexible schedule and hours are ideal for working according to your kid’s schedules.

If you are selected as a VIPKid teacher, you will become an independent contractor. Now, you have entered the business by yourself. But you need to note that the company does not provide any health insurance or other benefits.

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