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Virtual Jury Review

Compensation :  $5-$20/case 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Virtual Jury?

Virtual Jury is a company that helps lawyers prepare for their trials. The company employs people to work on cases and give their best opinion of the evidence provided. The mock jury panel helps a lawyer to understand how the public will think, react to a case, and prepare for trial.

If you want to join the panel, it is easy to register with the website. When a focus group is in place, you will be contacted by the website and invited to participate in the panel.

How does Virtual Jury work?

When an Attorney submits a new case, you will be contacted by email if you are chosen to work with a panel of judges. In the email, you will find the instructions and how to take up the case.

The Attorney will upload the document of the case, which consists of one or more files such as pictures, videos, and recordings.
After accepting the case, you will have access to the data they have uploaded. Review the content, read the documents, view the pictures, watch the videos, and listen to the recordings.

Afterward, a set of instructions is forwarded to you. You will be asked to answer some questions and submit them.

NOTE: A specific period is given to complete the task.

What are the requirements to work for Virtual Jury?

You do not need a certain level of education to work on, but you should be

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A United States Citizen
  • And have never been convicted of a felony or a criminal charge.

How do you earn money on Virtual Jury?

As a juror, you’ll be part of a virtual surrogate jury weighing in on a mock trial.

How much money can you make on Virtual Jury?

But based on our research, jurors are paid anywhere from $5 – $20 per case, depending on the length of the case. Sounds pretty good, right?

Pros of working for Virtual Jury

  • If you like to listen to trials and be part of the verdict, there is a way to earn money from home as a virtual jury.
  • The company will contact you by email when a jury panel is available in your area that you qualify.
  • Sign up is free, the terms and conditions are easy to find and clearly stated, and it’s as clear as possible about what exactly you will do.
  • Plus, the money is issued by PayPal, so you will not have to wait on a check to get your cash.

Cons of working for Virtual Jury

  • Becoming an online juror on Virtual Jury is not going to be a consistent, stable source of income.
  • To join the jury panel, you must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Furthermore, you will need to agree to a strict confidentiality agreement if you want to work on a panel.
  • You won’t be accepted as a juror if you are an Attorney, an employee of a law firm or if a law firm contacts you.

How do I sign up to work on Virtual Jury?

Go here to register as a juror.

What is the website for Virtual Jury?

Does Virtual Jury have an app?

No available app


Virtual Jury is a platform that where people that enjoy helping out in a trial can work, this is an excellent opportunity to become a member of a jury committee to help an Attorney prepare for their case or trial. The information you supply is personal, and the site won’t sell your personal information. Some cases that you are asked to review might contain disturbing details. You can reject these cases, and it won’t harm your chances of being invited to join another jury panel.

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