Wag! Review | How to make money on Wag!

Wag! Review

Compensation :  $17.50/walk 
Category : Pet Services
Skills Needed : Dog Walking, Pet Sitting 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Wag!?

Wag! is a popular dog walking service with approximately $300 million in venture capital funding. It is a large company and a direct competitor to another dog walker service, Rover. They claim to have invented dog walking services in 2015.

Their dog walking service can be availed using their app or website. It’s like booking an Uber or Grab car. Wag! also claims that their dog walkers are strictly screened to ensure dog safety. At the time of this writing, Wag! has already walked millions of dogs.

How does Wag! Work?

Wag! Offers walks, dog care, or boarding, and as a walker, you can decide what services you prefer to provide. The walks can range from 20 to 60 minutes and can be easily booked through the app. On the other hand, dog sitting and boarding is much more than a time commitment and can take several days.

Currently, its service is available in 50 states and 110 cities across the United States.

What are the requirements to sign up to work for Wag!?

  • Safe and knowledgeable walkers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have an iPhone 5 or newer, or Android 4.2 or newer
  • Know the importance of leash and harness security
  • Follow detailed instructions left by parents of pets
  • Dare to form long-lasting friendships with dogs and offer top-notch service to Wag! users

How do you earn money on Wag!?

As a Wag walker, you can choose when you want to work, check the app to see what dog walking opportunities are available. The more you walk, the more you get paid.

How much money can you make on Wag!?

A 30-minute stroll costs a pup’s humans $20 ($25 in San Francisco), and an hour costs $30. Wag walkers are paid after each walk, but the company takes a cut.

Pros of working for Wag!

  • Being able to take a break from your daily schedule and spending time outdoors is the best way to treat yourself. Especially on a beautiful day!
  • It is always good to have extra money to spend and even better when you enjoy doing it! Owners also tip reasonably well.
  • Wag! is an excellent way to earn money if you have a peculiar and open schedule at specific times. If you are a student, it is even better.

Cons of working for Wag!

  • Wag! business practices can be bleak; they are not always transparent. Their “referral program” where you supposedly get $25 for each new customer you refer to is BS.
  • Wag! is not focused on the walker. This is the significant difference you will make compared to working for a company, where you will have more of a relationship with your employers and clients.
  • It can be challenging to walk. Even in the primary market with many customers, the competition is fierce, and you have to be fast. This can be a severe issue in smaller markets.

How do I sign up to work for Wag!?

As with many of these gig economy apps, registering to be a Wag Walker doesn’t take long. When you initially signed up, Wag! will ask a few friends to give you a recommendation before you can proceed. Wag! will request you provide them with some email addresses, and Wag! will then send your recommenders a form to fill out. Wag moved me on to the next step a day or two later.

What is the website for Wag!?


Does Wag! have an app?

The Wag! app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.


If you live in a major metro area with a demand for dog walking, we think Wag! is a great part-time gig. We would NOT rely on it for full-time hours/pay because it is difficult to book consecutive walks consistently. However, you can earn an additional $ 150-250 per week, all based on my schedule. Not enough to cover all living expenses but also nothing to sneeze at.

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