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WAHVE Review

Compensation : $65668/year
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Skills Needed : Staffing 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is WAHVE?

WAHVE is unique in several ways. First, they focus solely on the insurance industry, providing a full line of insurance specialists, remote, outsourced personnel alternatives for agents, brokers, and insurance companies. They also recruit “vintage” employees, a tongue-in-cheek, and a rather elegant way of stating that they hire retirees for their staffing. Their clients can rest assured that the remote staff is experienced and familiar with the product, culture, and industry language.

Some of the job functions they provide are Retail and wholesale broker P&C services, health and life services of retail and wholesale brokers, mentors, trainers, and consultants; Back office support including underwriting and claims assistance, loss control specialist, accounting and finance.

How does WAHVE work?

WAHVE.com finds jobs in the insurance, accounting, and human resources fields. The platform is looking for people between the ages of 50 and 60 who want flexible hours.

Applicants are examined and added to a pool of ready workers who can blend in with jobs as they arise. WAHVE’s corporate clients employ these workers for temporary and part-time positions that the worker completes from home.

What are the requirements to work for WAHVE?

The requirements to be considered to work at WAHVE are:

  • Must have over 20 years of insurance experience
  • You must have a dedicated workspace in your home
  • Must have a fully up-to-date computer system to use during working hours
  • You must have a high-speed Internet connection

How do you earn money on WAHVE?

If you have recently retired or about to retire but want to expand your career by working from home, check out WAHVE. Companies are looking for “vintage experts” to meet their job needs. WAHVE specializes in insurance and accounting needs. By becoming a WAHVE, you will have the ability to negotiate your hourly rate.

How much money can you make on WAHVE?

Varies by job and experience

Pros of working for WAHVE

  • No hidden costs
  • The job is both part-time and full-time, and your work schedule will be based on your preferences and client needs.
  • There are no daily trips.
  • Has proven to be more productive for many employees.
  • People can work at their own pace without pressure.

Cons of working for WAHVE

  • You don’t know when your next task will start, so there is no stability.
  • The application process is extensive and includes initial intake phone interviews and subsequent phone interviews with the company you will be working to ensure proper fit
  • The worker may have more interruptions at home, resulting in reduced productivity.

How do I sign up to work for WAHVE?

Go to WAHVE.com and register as the first step. It’s free to register on the site, and there are no fees you have to pay regardless of whether you are accepted or not.

What is the website for WAHVE?


Does WAHVE have an app?

No available apps


WAHVE acts as an intermediary, providing equipment to workers when needed. This arrangement presumably allows the site to receive a portion of the workers’ wages. However, the exact percentage or formula is not disclosed.

Although some jobs are full-time, the positions have no benefits. You will also likely earn considerably less than you would get in a similar job where you work officially. The main complaint in worker includes: lower wages; no benefits. Still, workers seem excited about job flexibility. If you’re looking for a way to retire and work in the relevant fields gradually, WAHVE may be worth a try.

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