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WeNeedaVacation Review

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What is WeNeedaVacation?

Created in 1997, WeNeedaVacation.com matches vacationers with homeowners in the Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket areas through a stress-free vacation rental process. With over 4,000 listings, the site is the go-to place for Cape and Island vacationers.

The easy-to-use site allows prospective renters to search for properties that meet their criteria. Users can not only adjust the property’s location, size, price, amenities, and rental dates to suit their needs. Still, they can also record rental notes, rate them, share favorites with family and friends, and get more information on local events and points of interest.

How does WeNeedaVacation work?

WeNeedaVacation is a listing site that matches people in need of vacation rentals with owners who have vacation homes on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket for rent. Both individual property owners and management companies use WeNeedaVacation to attract short-term tenants.

When you list a home on WeNeedaVacation, you will be able to set your own rates for that property. You can choose to offer a nightly rate or a weekly rate, whichever you think is more appropriate for the home you are trying to rent.

What are the requirements to list on WeNeedaVacation?

A rental house in the right geography

How do you earn money on WeNeedaVacation?

If you own a home that you use as a vacation rental, you probably know very well that finding tenants to stay in your property is easier said than done. This is why sites like WeNeedaVacation have become so popular with homeowners.

How much money can you make on WeNeedaVacation?

On average, hosts make $1000 a month, but those numbers vary.

Pros of listing on WeNeedaVacation

  • You will earn additional income. This is most likely the main reason you are considering owning a vacation rental property in the first place.
  • WeNeedaVacation offers a review system that encourages guests to leave comments after their stay. This feature will increase the popularity and reliability of your property.
  • A vacation rental property is very likely to experience a capital gain due to real estate appreciation if the economy permits.
  • WeNeedaVacation also makes it easy to receive and process payments.
  • WeNeedaVacation offers a relatively inexpensive 90-day trial.

Cons of listing on WeNeedaVacation

  • If you have a space in your rental that you want to rent separately from the rest of the house, you do not have this option on WeNeedaVacation.
  • In recent years, many cities and states have begun to regulate short-term rental properties.
  • Owning a vacation rental property is expensive, and you will always have to deal with unplanned costs due to high tenant turnover.
  • You will have to pay more taxes and fees.
  • WeNeedaVacation charges owners a listing fee.

How do I sign up to list on WeNeedaVacation?

If you don’t already have a WeNeedaVacation account, go to WeNeedaVacation.com and click List Your Property to get started.

What is the website for WeNeedaVacation?


Does WeNeedaVacation have an app?

No apps available


Ultimately, whether becoming a WeNeedaVacation host is worth it depends on your financial goals and the number of time and effort you are willing or able to put into your rental.

Hosting can certainly generate income, but it will also cost you.

But if you do decide on WeNeedaVacation, remember that it has been a trusted name in the vacation rental business for quite some time and that it is a great way to get guests to your property without having to spin your wheels promoting your home.

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