Wingz Review| How to make money on Wingz

Wingz Review

Compensation :  $40/hr 
Skills Needed : Driving 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Wingz?

You’ve got Uber&Lyft for any travel you’d like where you’d typically use a car. Wingz is a little different. They want to replace your private driver (You do have one of those, right?)

Wingz bills itself as a premium service at affordable prices. They claim to be less expensive than a limo or taxi and that you can choose your drivers.

Also, Wingz allows users to book drives up to 2 months in advance. Which, for business travelers, can be an excellent thing. Whether you’re booking a ride to the hotel, a business meeting, a great lunch, or a Dr’s visit – Wingz wants to help.

How does Wingz work?

Wingz is a car service, which initially offered flat-rate rides to local airports.

Recently, Wingz expanded its overall scope & coverage, offering a more extensive peer-to-peer network of drivers across the United States.

The Wingz app-based system connects travelers with local drivers for a comfortable & premium ride — whether it’s to the airport or ANY other location. Unlike many other rideshare companies, Wingz is entirely free of surge pricing.

Also notable: ALL Wingz drivers are thoroughly vetted (much more so than regular TNCs, like Lyft and Uber) — and every driver & vehicle is provided with $1 million liability insurance. Wingz is only available in 12 US Cities and 19 US Airports.

What are the requirements to work for Wingz?

You Must:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Have a personal/commercial driver’s license + auto insurance
  • Have a 4 door vehicle, 5 years old or newer in excellent condition
  • Have an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass a motor vehicle records (mvr) check
  • Take in-person training (from Wingz)
  • Take disability training (from Wingz)

How do you earn money on Wingz?

Give on-demand airport rides, senior rides, and event rides using your car and Wingz Platform App.

How much money can you make on Wingz?

According to the Wingz website, drivers can make up to $40 per hour driving their vehicle for airport transportation.

Pros of working for Wingz

  • It is a straightforward platform with a clear interface for both passengers and drivers.
  • With Wingz, there are various features that passengers, as well as drivers, can use; these bring much more to the table than their competitors at a more affordable price.

Cons of working for Wingz

  • Users might experience a higher waiting time in case the demand is high at a given the time of day.
  • The application process might prove tiring for individual applicants.

How do I sign up to work for Wingz?

People looking to book a ride need to access Wingz through the app or website and sign up for an account using their email addresses and cell phone numbers.

What is the website for Wingz?

Does Wingz have an app?

Once you qualify to be a driver, you can use the Wingz app on iOS or Android devices to accept and coordinate airport transportation.


If you’re a driver, you’ll make a substantial paycheck driving your car in one of the best flexible jobs around. How can you turn this type of job opportunity down?

There are benefits for both Wingz riders and drivers, but as most Americans don’t have this rideshare service in their city, they may have to wait to use it while traveling.

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