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Wonderschool Review

Compensation :  $78000-$150000/year 
Skills Needed : Caregiving , Teaching
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Wonderschool?

Wonderschool is a San Francisco company that provides a series of services with all the aim of offering pre-school services from their homes. Just like Airbnb for pre-K, Wonderschool serves as an online platform that helps in doing enrollment, organization of programs, credentialing, and setting up websites, among many others.

How does Wonderschool work?

Wonderschool is a platform for educationists and childcare providers to meet, initiate, and maintain some preschool programs from home – and a marketplace for parents to search for and pay for those in-home preschool programs.

The process requires finding students, getting business licenses, fixing periods for them, and enrolling them. What Wonderschool does is help to establish the educators by making them business owners and engaging them in the industry within two-three months.

Wonderschool works solely on assisting people to mostly immigrants to navigate through the permitting system in their state easily.

Wonderschool is established in many cities such as New York, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

What are the requirements to work for Wonderschool?

The primary requirement is your background knowledge about childcare, and that would require you to go through some months of childhood education. You must also pass a background test before working at a center.

How do you earn money on Wonderschool?

Once your school is up and running, Wonderschool takes up all the expenses and cuts back 10percent of the tuition fee.

The things they take care of include advertisement, collection of tuition fees, provision of tours for family, settling the insurance bills, and help to host a website. Wonderschool does not require a start-up fee, and the contract only elapses for 2 years.

How much money can you make on Wonderschool?

Wonderschool directors, on average, earn $78K, and some are already making over $150K/year after expenses.

Pros of working for Wonderschool

  • You are a contributor to a child’s knowledge even at such an early stage of their lives
  • You will have experience with the kids, and that will make your days fulfilling.
  • Some will enjoy the entrepreneurial challenge of running their own business and exploring areas like marketing, operations, finances, and more.
  • You receive support and guidelines from Wonderschool on how to run your daycare school.

Cons of working for Wonderschool

  • Financial risk may be high in terms of maintaining the health and security of staffs and students
  • There is a great need for self-improvement and development. And starting up a new school might not go on as predicted, thus requiring a lot of time to establish.

How do I sign up to work for Wonderschool?

You will only be required to visit https://www.wonderschool.com/start.

What is the website for Wonderschool?

Visit https://www.wonderschool.com/

Does Wonderschool have an app?

Manage communication and updates with parents of children with Wonderschool app available for iOS and Android.


Wonderschool is an excellent platform through which the stress of daycare establishment is made more accessible. Wonderschool helps you with the administration of your school and other start-up requirements. Though Wonderschool does not take 100% responsibilities at your school, you will still be required to take up a lot of responsibilities and be an example of a leader to your young staff.

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