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Worthy Review

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What is Worthy?

Worthy.com was designed and created as the smart online solution to help women sell their diamond rings by offering convenience, transparency, and competitive bidding to a select community of buyers via an online auction marketplace that increases exposure to professionals buyers from across the country.

Worthy takes the guesswork out of the sales process by having each diamond evaluated and authenticated with an unbiased grading report from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

This gives you peace of mind that your jewelry will be priced right once it goes up for auction.

How does Worthy work?

Here’s how a typical Worthy sale works:

1. The seller enters details about the Worthy website’s jewelry, which gives them an estimated sales value.

2. The seller sends their item to the Worthy facility to be photographed and graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

3. The seller decides his/her reserve price, which is the minimum amount they will accept for the item. This is also the last time a seller has chosen not to sell this item on Worthy.

4. The auction starts and lasts for up to 48 hours.

5. After the auction ends, the highest payment is accepted and processed immediately. The seller can receive funds via PayPal, bank transfer, or check.

What are the requirements to work on Worthy?

  • Item details: fill in the information that describes your item. The process is straightforward – all you need to do is choose your piece parameters from the list.
  • Personal Information: Once you have provided information about your jewelry, it is time to provide your personal information; i.e. your name, email, and phone number.

How do you earn money on Worthy?

The website puts consumers in charge by allowing them to auction their used jewelry to a vetted network of businesses; jewelers, jewelry wholesalers, and other commercial buyers worldwide.

How much money can you make on Worthy?

Consignors earn between 55 and 70 percent of their item’s sale price, most of which are sold within a few days

Pros of listing on Worthy

  • Worthy has created a fast and hassle-free sales process accessible 24/7 from anywhere via the internet.
  • Worthy salespeople can walk out of the sales process without incurring any risk. There is no penalty or cost to the seller of any kind.
  • Once the item arrives at Worthy, it is professionally appraised, cleaned, and photographed by expert appraisers in preparation for the online auction.
  • Worthy offers sellers many benefits, including total security against buyer fraud, multiple offers from only interested and relevant buyers.
  • Being in control of the auction and seeing the bids coming in is exciting.

Cons of listing on Worthy

  • You are online, which can be challenging for some people. If you have a valuable or sentimental item, it could be much more comfortable to meet in person.
  • Worthy only buy jewelry that will sell for at least $1,000, typically a 0.5 carat or larger diamond center stone.
  • There is no guarantee that the auction process will obtain a higher selling price.

How do I sign up to list on Worthy?

Go to Worthy.com, select the valuables you want to sell, upload photos of your items, and enter your contact details. They will inform you of their potential value based on data from previous auctions for similar items.

What is the website for Worthy?


Does Worthy have an app?

No apps available


Worthy.com selling process is getting faster with each sale, and more people are beginning to realize that they can turn to the internet to sell things that were previously limited to jewelry stores and pawn shops. We are confident that Worthy will continue to evolve and change along with the market and its audience’s wants and needs.

In the eyes of the company’s sellers and buyers, all of Worthy’s growth is worth it.

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Last updated : 9/22/2023

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