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Yourmechanic Review

Compensation :  $40-$50/hr 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is YourMechanic?

YourMechanic was established in 2012 to make car repair and maintenance affordable, accessible, and transparent. Dealing with car issues has historically been a time-consuming, frustrating, and costly experience. Consumers often lack visibility into the price and quality of car care services. At the same time, mechanics who work hard to repair cars make very little money at auto repair shops (less than 20% of what consumers pay), by connecting car owners with certified mobile mechanics, YourMechanic places both parties in the driver’s seat.

How does YourMechanic work?

YourMechanic links car owners with certified mechanics who make house calls. The company offers more than 500 onsite services, including oil changes, brakes, belts, heating and air conditioning, manufacturer-scheduled maintenance, diagnostics, and more.

Consumers get an upfront rate for services and book an appointment through the YourMechanic mobile app or website. Customers and mechanics rate each other after service is performed, and mechanics must maintain a 4-star rating or higher to continue working on the platform. YourMechanic offers consumers access to mechanics at the top of their field, the convenience of completing services in their home or office, and a transparent price that is, on average, 30 percent less expensive than traditional stores and dealership.

What are the requirements to work for YourMechanic?

To get started, complete this online form. You will need to provide the necessary information, details of your experience, and any credentials or certifications you may have. You will also need to consent to a background check, a skills check, a criminal background check, and reference checks.

YourMechanic has a stringent hiring policy, so you will need to demonstrate that you have the skills (and a clean record) to get the gig. Also, most mechanics are ASE certified, but some have only dealer or factory training.

How do you earn money on YourMechanic?

When a customer applies for a job you qualify for, you will receive a notification. It will include all the details of the job plus the payment you can expect for it.

If you are comfortable with the job, then all you need to do is accept.

How much money can you make on YourMechanic?

The amount you earn will ultimately depend on how often you work, the types of jobs you do, and also the city you live in. Mechanic salaries in larger cities tend to be higher.

However, YourMechanic’s average hourly wage is between $ 40-50 per hour.

Pros of working for YourMechanic

  • You are mostly your boss
  • You can choose how long you want your trip to be
  • You to set your schedule
  • If you refer another mechanic to, you can get a bonus of $ 100 – $ 500.

Cons of working for YourMechanic

  • It can be challenging to get support
  • You have to pay for your expenses.
  • Inconsistent levels of work.

How do I sign up to work for YourMechanic?

The first thing you should do is check to see if YourMechanic operates in your city. The next step is to apply. The first phase of the application process is simple.

What is the website for YourMechanic?

Does YourMechanic have an app?

The YourMechanic technician app is available for iOS and Android.


You can earn around $40 an hour as a mobile mechanic with YourMechanic. But pay alone is not all you need to consider before applying for the job.

You must be skilled and have a solid background in fixing car problems and routine maintenance to get the gig. Once you are approved for work, you can manage your schedule and decide when and where you want to work. It’s an excellent opportunity for a mechanic looking to supplement their income or find a new way to do the job they love.

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