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Zibbet Review

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What is Zibbet?

Zibbet is a new online art gallery and marketplace that just launched in February. If the name “Zibbet” strikes you as slightly strange, think of the word “exhibit” instead, and it will suddenly make a lot more sense.

When they launched, one of Zibbet’s founding principles is “pay nothing until you sell something.” To that end, they have created a service that is entirely free to register, and that will cost you nothing unless you decide to pay for the premium option.

How does Zibbet work?

Home to more than 51,200 independent vendors, Zibbet only accepts independent vendors and adheres to a strict definition of handmade. When in 2013, Etsy revamped its seller guidelines to allow sellers to hire additional employees and work with external manufacturers, some Etsy sellers pledged to let their listings expire and to list all their items in Zibbet.

Unlike most online markets, Zibbet does not charge a commission or transaction fee. Instead, Zibbet offers three plans: Starter ($5 per month, sells up to 50 items), Pro ($10 per month, sells unlimited items), and Unlimited ($20 per month, sells unlimited items, additional features).

What are the requirements to list on Zibbet?

Items to sell

How do you earn money on Zibbet?

Zibbet offers creative entrepreneurs the ability to sell on different channels at the same time, and manage their products and orders from one place.

How much money can you make on Zibbet?

There is no clear data on what the average seller makes. But, there have been great successes. Your experience may be different.

Pros of listing on Zibbet

  • They have a great looking website builder with decent customization options, plus you get exposure in their market.
  • There are no fees to sell with a free account, even if something is sold. Zibbet gets all of its earnings from paid premium accounts.
  • Also, the information Zibbet provides is helpful. You can quickly track sales and manage inventory.
  • Finally, one of the other main advantages of Zibbet.com is that it allows you to manage your products instantly. You can even do things like upload a PDF to the site and attach it to a product.

Cons of listing on Zibbet

  • Lack of (free) features that Etsy has. You cannot register multiple quantities of an item without paying extra.
  • 50 item limit unless you pay a premium account.
  • There is no “direct pay” like on Etsy.
  • Almost TOO similar to Etsy. It would have been nice to have a fresh look from this new site, but it feels like a copycat website.

How do I sign up to list on Zibbet?

Register to Zibbet by selecting the ‘start’ button at the top of the page.

What is the website for Zibbet?


Does Zibbet have an app?

There are no apps available.


Zibbet is an excellent choice for those who want to have their stand-alone website, but also stay part of a handmade marketplace. They have some work to do on the exposition side of things, but they seem to be slowly improving their site, so it’s one to see. Despite that, they’ve still topped Etsy’s list of alternatives, so that says something.

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