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Zilok Review

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Category : Car Rental, Rentals
Skills Needed : Renting Goods
Gig Type : Work from home gigs

What is Zilok?

Most of us have too many items lying around that we hardly use. Instead of letting them remain dusty, we can earn some money from them on Zilok.

Zilok is an online rental marketplace. The platform started in France and has since spread to the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries, with many cities listed.

Let’s say you have a patio heater in your yard that collects dust. A right heater can cost between $150 and $300, but most people who need a patio heater for a day party are happy to pay $20 to rent one for the day. Searching for rent listings on Zilok shows all kinds of things: electrical gadgets, camera equipment, furniture, and all-terrain vehicles; there are no laser guns yet, but keep looking. While many of the items are only available for domestic use, more portable items, such as camera lenses, are often available for hire via freight.

How does Zilok work?

When you register with Zilok, you can list your items for rent. Renters have to pay retainer fees in case of damages in advance. Zilok is basically a marketplace where the owners and renters are in the same place to share and do business together.

When a customer chooses to rent a specific item, they do this with what is called a reservation request. They are directed to provide all contact information. Then both owner and renter meet, and the customer gets access to the item for rent. If the item is returned undamaged, the renter receives a refund of the retainer fee.

What are the requirements to work on Zilok?

  • Items to rent
  • Be a legal adult (18 or 21, depending on where you live)

How do you earn money on Zilok?

List your items for rent and wait for a renter to contact you. Collect payment from the renter at the time of the exchange. Get your item and wait for another renter. Do it all over again!

How much money can you make on Zilok?

The possibility to profit with Zilok.com is unlimited. It all depends on what you’re renting out and how much you want to rent it. Remember, you can rent the same item over and over again.

Pros of listing on Zilok

  • The site is easy to navigate.
  • The rating system makes it easy to find out who is the most reliable
  • You can sort the search by the features that are most important to you
  • There is a simple one-page form where you can create an item for rent
  • There are recourses for returned items in any condition other than the state they were left in.

Cons of listing on Zilok

  • Last-minute negotiations.
  • Low ball offers.
  • Other problems include renters not showing up as planned.
  • Having to drive to meet renters.

How do I sign up to work for Zilok?

You can register here. You can also quickly access the site through your Facebook account. Only people from the United States can register.

What is the website for Zilok?


Does Zilok have an app?

No available app


There is no reason why your item shouldn’t be going to work for you. Since you don’t use it anyway, you might as well get some money, help someone save money, and be good for the environment—all in all, a great deal.

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