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Zimride Review

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Skills Needed : Driving 
Gig Type : On-site gigs

What is Zimride?

Zimride is the largest web-based carpooling and ridesharing network in North America, serving clients through a private network of more than 300,000 users at more than 130 colleges and universities, as well as corporate campuses.

The platform was founded in 2007 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, who has since created Lyft, an on-demand transportation network company.

Green and Zimmer started Zimride.com with the goal of making it easier for college students to share the ride home over the holidays and the weekend trips.

With this student-friendly means of transportation solution, drivers could find others within their community to help divide the cost of the ride and pitch in for gas.

At the same time, riders could save money that would otherwise be spent on car rental or public transportation. The audience ultimately expanded to the general public in cities like San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

How does Zimride work?

While Zimride once accepted public driver registrations, transforming the company’s Enterprise Holdings into a completely private service means that only members of Zimride.com partner organizations can make money by driving with the company.

If you are part of a company or university that offers Zimride services, you can quickly start earning money by publishing your commute and listing yourself as a driver rather than a passenger. Users of your network looking for trips on a similar route can apply to join your ride. You will be paid through PayPal for your full trips each week.

What are the requirements for working on Zimride?

  • A car with free space for passengers;
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Auto insurance (don’t drive others without it, even if you are allowed to);
  • A company/school/community that is part of a Zimride network

How do you earn money on Zimride?

Drivers looking to fill seats at Zimride can accept passengers based on profiles that include information such as music preferences, interests, and past reviews.

How much money can you earn with Zimride?

Drivers really can choose what they earn. Zimride.com will provide suggested prices for your ride, but at the end of the day, you are allowed to charge as little or as you much as you want.

Pros of working for Zimride

  • Zimride does not charge individuals any fees for joining or posting a ride and is a convenient way to participate in the trip.
  • Zimride is a low cost, high impact option, and its use could help reduce campus traffic, parking congestion, and student carbon footprints.
  • It is used at 120 universities and corporate campuses in 30 states.
  • Zimride users connected via Facebook, adding a layer of trust to the system.
  • Before a driver accepts a seat in a car or a driver accepts a passenger, they can view the person’s profile information to ensure they are comfortable with the match.

Cons of working for Zimride

  • Unlike other ridesharing companies, Zimride does not have an app, so to find a ride; users must log in to their Zimride accounts and click “Book” on the Zimride website
  • Extra driving means more fuel costs, more wear and tear on consumables like tires and brakes, and you will need more frequent oil changes.
  • Using Zimride can be a pleasant experience where you can meet and make new friends, but it turns out to be a bit unsafe. Now, why is that? Well, apart from a profile, you don’t have much information about the person with whom you are sharing a ride.

How do I sign up to list on Zimride?

  1. Go to Zimride.com.
  2. Tap “Become a Zimrider” in the top bar.

What is the website for Zimride?


Does Zimride have an app?

There are no apps available.


Picking up a few extra passengers each day can mean picking up hundreds of additional dollars every year. With Zimride.com, drivers with full-time jobs and no time for a secondary gig can rack up extra cash on their way to and from work.

At the same time, the organizations that help these services employees and students feel financially secure and motivated every day.

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